Okay, I’m here. Now what?

Posted: June 18, 2009 in Uncategorized

So, I’m here in the big city.  Well, next to the big city. Well, Brooklyn’s still a big city, but it’s not THE…*sigh*

For those of you new to my brain, welcome.  It’s nice and roomy in here.  Don’t mind the mess.  I’ve gone ahead and locked away my parental issues, so they shouldn’t be bothering you, but my issues regarding women are still running loose, so if they start humping your leg, just let me know.  My issues regarding insecurities are making sure the place is tidy and should be asking you soon how you feel about them. My issues regarding spelling shold nut be reering there ugly heds. Damn. My issues regarding oral retention should be gnawing on your shoulder and smoking all your cigarettes.

So, no job FOR SURE yet.  It’s the waiting that’s killing me. I don’t want to spend money, plus I’m sick (SWINE FLU, SUCKAH), so I’m doing a lot of reading.  None of it good stuff, but I’m reading, damn it.  Packets of sugar, shampoo bottles, the tags on my clothes…

I’m sitting in a Brooklyn apartment, on my roommate’s computer (A MAC NO LESS, there will be a separate blog for THAT in the future) while it rains outside and I wait for my Zune to charge.  Yes.  I have a Zune.  Bring on the bullshit.

Apparently, New York’s pissed that summer is taking it’s sweet ass time to get here.  Personally, I left LA to get some real weather, so you can all blame me.   And while you’re at it, you can kiss my ogre butt.

That’s all for now, My Little Ding Dongs.  Stay tuned for more nonsense.

  1. Ms. Ruby Hellcat says:

    Dude. I love it already. Makes me forget that it is 116 outside, I am poor, and in the desert (not dessert). Good times Boog, GT’s fo’ sho’.


  2. Nancy says:

    Get better soon!

    You will find a job soon… and I have a Zune too!!!


  3. axo says:

    you moved with out a jeorb? ballsy. do you have a support network out there?


  4. Flora says:

    Awww, Boogs… A Zune?? Really??

    Nah, I kid. I’m sure it’s fine… In its own way. Yep.

    Good luck in the big city that isn’t this one. Will be keeping up with you! ❤


  5. Brian says:

    You know what? F the apple and their fanboys. I was considering getting a Zune. If anyone gives you crap about your Zune, tell them to go screw themselves and keep drinkin their apple kool-aid because that’s probably all they have in their lives. I just wish it wasn’t Microsoft that put out the only real competition for the ipod.


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