Gooooooooo WAITING!!!!

Posted: June 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

So, yesterday, I realized JUST how out of shape I am. You know when you overdo it with exercise and the coach spits on the ground and grabs his crotch and says, “Walk it off, Norvick, ya pansy,” and you wonder (if you’re not me or my siblings) why he’s calling you Norvick? Well, to “walk it off”, I would’ve had to have been comatose. I got shin splints from WALKING about ten blocks. Yeah, I need to really start being more concerned about my health and fitnesOOOH, COOKIES. Oh, sorry.

I’m at the point where if I don’t do MORE about having a steady job, then I worry. My interviews went well, but IT’S NEVER ENOUGH! The three Roomsketeers are being supportive ❤ and I love them for it, but it’s in my brain. Sitting there, having espresso, mucking up the works. I went to NY and looked for more work and emailed more resumes, but something needs to happen. I just want to KNOW.

Also, “Samalam” from my old work refers to me as “The Mayor of Encore”. There might be some truth to that as they threw me a parade. Okay, they didn’t, but I bet it would’ve been AWESOME. I was going to go down to the Seaport and visit the T-Mobile event, but realized I’d go down and just visit the T-Mobile event. And that’s about it. I wanted to go to the Bodies in Motion exhibit that I meant to go to in LA, but found it’s $26.50, so you can kiss MY black ass.  I’ll go see all my favorite models when I have a job.  I was actually worried about “Bondy” last night because she was going to have to wait at Penn Station last night until 4:33 am.  Ah, the whirlwind life of a promo model.

Last night, CBR and I played online flash games.  AND WE LIKED IT.  If you get a chance, go play HR-Mageddon on  And make sure to have a salesman harass someone.  No money spent, except $2 on a slice of cheese pizza for me.  (what was that I said about health and fitness? Oh, yeah *CHOMP*)

Tomorrow, it’s back to beating feet.  And bleeding heels and chappy thighs.  I LOVE NY.

  1. Mo!!y says:

    I fucking miss you, you goddamned fucking troll of an asshole. : (


  2. BigBrother says:

    *Gives you a bottle of baby powder and says “Feeling a bit chappy? Trust me, its not just for babies. Good luck bro..I’m sure something will drop right in front of you. And no I don’t mean a shiny new penny from 1974 that someone dropped from one of those buildings there in NY as it cleanses itself from years and years of grit and grime as the sheer burning of gravity pulls it closer and closer to your good luck” =D And that’s my 2 cents…I see you eyeing them. Back off. =) On a serious note, I’ll pray for a job for you, just as much as I pray that those mormon missionaries stop finding me as I flee from Judgement Day. 🙂


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