A day like a GO piece.

Posted: June 22, 2009 in Uncategorized

Go is a Japanese game of strategy involving arranging pieces on a board that are flat where one side is white and the other is black.  If you aren’t careful, your opponent can take over and turn all of the pieces black, but if you play well, you can turn them white.  That was my day yesterday.  It started out with negativity, in that I was feeling down about not knowing if I had a job, and wondering what I’m doing here after talking to my dad for Father’s Day and then it turned worse.  My mom put my cat, Maxine, in a foster home and told me after the fact.  I do love my mom, but she didn’t even give it a week and then told me after the fact.  So I was feeling not only some anger and depression (this means I’ll never see her again), but guilt, as I’m the one who left her behind. I talked to both The Zombie Queen and Petunia and they both weren’t happy (especially Petunia).   I went and did some grocery shopping (and found out we had tons of peanut butter already here, peanut butter cheers me up) and then came home.  And cried in my room.  Just for sec.  I mean, I’m a man and shit. Then my GO piece flipped over.  (why does the bad side have to be black? ALLEN’S RACIST)

The Roomsketeers took me out for Brazilian food and it was GOOD.  I had a turkey and cheese pressed sandwich and some eggplant pate with pita bread and washed it down with a whiskey and coconut water.  Delicious.  Then we walked a half block away to Pete’s Candy Store (no candy, not sure if there was a Pete, and it’s not a store) where they have bands play for free Sunday night.  I like the first girl Sasha, but she’s a little too mellow for me (after years of going to industrial clubs, power saws are a little too mellow for me, ba-dump-psh), but the second girl, Lauren, ring a ding ding.  A good set of pipes and she can really sing.  I’m not saying she was an angel sent down to clear me of all bad thoughts and change my life forever, but I did forget about things for a bit when I sat there and listened to her sing of armies of ants and ghost ships and floods of soda and being unlovable.  At times, she reminds me of a torch singer. After that, CBR and I wandered over to Mecca.  To the Golden Palace.  To the true home of The Wide Eyed Geek of Brooklyn.   BARCADE.  Imagine a bar….that’s also a cade.  Wait.  Yeah, that’s about right.  About 30 stand-up old-skool (ha, I’m street) arcade games (still a quarter) with something like 20 beers on tap (I’m not a real beer drinker and that’s still cool to me).  I played Joust, Rampage, Tetris, Gauntlet, Contra, 1943, Dig Dug and a few others that I did really bad at SO THEY SUCK.  All for a couple bucks.  I know you’re jealous, right?  Yeah, you’re jealous.  Then we strolled home in the warm, summer night and I went to bed.  All in all, a good night to make up for a crappy day.  And I slept WELL.

Now it’s today, though.  Back to stressing.

  1. Stupidman says:

    That’s really messed up for your mom not to at least let you try to make other arrangements for Maxine. I don’t know who else you could have given her to, but she should have at least given you the option to try.

    On a separate note, Unless you end up having to wake up early for something Thursday, you should hook up with us for some VGN wed night!


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