When Allen was in Egypt’s land…..let my…Allen….goooooo….

Posted: June 22, 2009 in Uncategorized

Not much happened today. Still waiting. Lexus told me they haven’t heard from the background company. Trying to keep in mind that it’s only been a week. I want to just start working so I can start with the rest.

  1. Stupidman says:

    So someone from Lexus called me and asked if I knew you. I said “Is this about the drugs I sold him?”


  2. yourboogieman says:

    Good to know everyone remembers the internet is open to the entire world.


  3. Stupidman says:

    Any prospective employer (or anyone else for that matter) who can’t figure out that my comment was a joke…. you should take THEIR job. By the way, you left your “Enhancement” cream in my bathroom. I thought it was normal lotion, and now I have big giant hands.


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