I’ll roll your rock!

Posted: June 24, 2009 in Uncategorized

So one of my old models that I used to book on NY promos all the time, “Ivan”, is doing a promotion for our good friends at Rolling Rock.  This is possibly the best job anyone has ever had since Salma Hayek’s personal massage therapist.  His job, is to go to bars/venues that have live music and buy patrons Rolling Rock.  It’s just to get the beer out there.  He gets reimbursed for all the beer he buys AND he gets paid on top of it.  I did my civic duty (*snort* I said civic) and went down to see this spectacle.  My word.  I’ve been schlepping in front of a computer all these years and there’s jobs out there where you BUY PRETTY GIRLS BEER. I feel like Yakov Smirnoff.  “What a country! In Soviet Russia, beer drinks you!”  And he also gets to scout out new venues to spread the word of the Rock that Rolls.  Nice.

In other news, NOTHING. No word from Lexus and I told Toyota that I was going to go with them (if I can’t work for Lexus due to any mitigating circumstances, I can’t work for Toyota, either, and I’m more comfortable in a new place doing something I’m already familiar with).  I haven’t heard NO, but I also haven’t heard yes.  I applied at Apple One, but the waiting is KILLING ME.  Going to try more places today.  *bangs head against table*

I know it’s only a week, I just know I’m employable and I’m sitting here picking my nose.  Not literally.

Okay, literally.

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