I’ve heard of this “sun”.

Posted: June 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

The weather here is now REALLY pissing people off.  They had a rough winter and it keeps teasing like it’s going to brighten up and wash away the rain so the itsy bitsy spider can climb up the spout again.  The spider being the typical New Yorker, the spout being the streets of New York and I’m the beetle rolling a big piece of dung down the spout while singing show-tunes.  “SUNRISE, SUNSET…SUNRISE, SUNSET…”*

*not gay

So the Rolling Rock adventure went into full swing last night.  I was supposed to meet Ivan and his ex and her friend at Public Assembly to see a band play.  Except they stopped carrying Rolling Rock.  Yaaaaaaaaay.  Which means we had to FIND a place that did.  We seriously went into 12 bars in Brooklyn and not a one carried it.  One said they got a shipment in that day, but hadn’t stocked it.  CBR to the rescue.  I had texted him at work and he called and found out Zebulon had live music AND carried it from their website.  Ivan was pleased to say the least.  So we headed there and walked into a stream of salmon.  It was so ridiculously packed, we had to move as one unit across the floor.  We were close enough to form Voltron.  Luckily, it kind of petered out when the music started, but I’m glad I wore deodorant this week.  I mean yesterday.  I mean this week.  The guy who came on, I have to find out who he was, because he was pretty awesome.  He was like a French version of Matisyahu crossed with the Mighty, Mighty Bosstones.  French ska/rap.  Go figure.  I also talked to Ivan’s ex about her possibly buying my car out west or at least renting it from me since she’s moving out there.  That’s going to have to be discussed.

When I got home, the Roomsketeers followed soon after.  Everyone seemed to have an interesting day.  SNR’s ex showed up to her work with food.  My words, “It’s manipulative, because that’s what I’D do.”  Boopy Doo did more walking than I did yesterday all over the east side and CBR regaled us with the tales of the naughty, naughty Governor (I’ve been out of the loop a bit, yes, I know).  Then we all had a session of finding bars with live music and Rolling Rock.  All in all a good day.

Oh, yeah.  NO CALL YET.  To celebrate this, I’m going to curse in punctuation just like in Mad magazine.  *(#^&@%$&*@$*@$^$@(%^@(*^*(%^)()@&(@*^&!%*&}{}bettywhite:+(&$*^#@(%&@#^(&%($*@^(*^$&*!@%^&)(^(^*)&%^&$^%$@$%&^##@%#!*)(^%!!*(^&*(?<>?<K(&^&$%^#%@$%&^marvinhagler.

Seriously, I’m dying here.  I just want to KNOW.

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  2. Stupidman says:

    Don’t get me wrong, going out and exploring your new world, and forming closer bonds with your friends out there is the better choice than staying home playing video games, but it only takes a second to text a brother!


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