The Full-Flavored, Smooth Taste of a Seizure

Posted: June 29, 2009 in Uncategorized

So before I go into my story, a quick note.  For all my non-smoker friends, this part is NOT a pro-smoking rant.  BUT.  I was thinking about people who go on about smoking and how gross it is and how it slowly kills you and affects the people around you.  Since I have no friends who do NOT drink (that I can recall right this second besides my Mormon family members), you drink POISON.  Yes, I know I do, too, but alcohol slowly kills you in a different way, that also dulls your senses and keeps you from making rational choices and at times can “help” you do things that can alter your life permanently.   And as far as the smell, next time you have a couple beers, let’s compare breaths, yeasty.  And as far as affecting those around you,  for those of you who’ve had to nurse drunk friends/husbands/wives/brothers/sisters/dogs, it’s a question of a few minutes of smoke to having your whole night ruined.  Once again, the only reason I’m saying this is to avoid comments like, “See!  I told you.”  Which I’m sure someone will do something similar anyway for minor comedic effect. I repeat, MINOR.

ANYWHO, so unfortunately, I’ve been smoking again.  It’s one part stress, one part being in the city and around smokers, one part boredom and four parts wanting to look SUPER cool.  I’ve always been able to quit, for long periods of time, almost completely cold turkey.  Apparently, that doesn’t work anymore.  I had no cigarettes Sunday and around 3:30 pm, I was reading and I noticed my hand was shaking and I had this overwhelming urge for a smoke.  OH, GOOD.  A NICOTINE FIT.  So I’m slowly weaning myself off of them.

Also, I got to hang out with Bondy and her b-friend (is it b-fry? I’m not sure anymore, well, whatever, boyfriend), let’s call him “Mikey”.  Cool cats, both of them.  Even when I got us turned around with my vast knowledge of Brooklyn.  And let me tell you, that girl can eat.  If I ate like that, oh wait, I do, and was in the shape she’s in, well, I’d look like a girl.

Yesterday was Lauren Smith’s last performance at Pete’s Candy Store for her residency. 😦 And that’s all I have to say about that.

  1. Stupidman says:

    As far as I’m concerned, the jury is still out on the effects of second hand smoke. What it comes down to for me is it smells horrible and hurts my eyes. The only way I smell alcohol on someone’s breath or coming out of their pores is if they are either an alcoholic, they have no sense of personal space, or I’m about to get some.


  2. 37 says:

    Yeah, but I don’t have to run off and have a drink every hour to satiate myself!!

    ….b/c the doctor said it would be harmful to my unborn child.


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