Raindrops on roses and big sweater kittens…

Posted: July 2, 2009 in Uncategorized

I’m sure someone is going to get offended by this blog, so, lady-friends, just a warning ahead of time.  You may be offended.  Mostly because of your own insecurities, but still.  I notice the minute guys start talking about what they like in certain women, especially physically, some broad gets her dander up just because they’re not blonde or brunette or redhead or tall or short or have an extra toe (don’t judge me) and think I’m slighting them.  I may still think you’re beautiful, but everyone has preferences.

Today, after work, my feet weren’t bleeding profusely and swollen like they were yesterday (yeah, I know, poor baby), so I took a stroll down 8th Ave and it wasn’t the first time I noticed it, but today the thought kind of crystallized in my head.  I know it’s a big either DUR or a-doy, but one difference between here and LA is there are very few women who look like bags of sticks.  I understand in LA, there’s a different definition of “beauty” and it involves vomiting and negative dress sizes.  That’s just not my thang, mang.  I’m sure there’s psychological reasons why I prefer women of the, ahem, more plentiful figure, most likely related to breastfeeding and my mother or something, but I’m starting to get disturbed, so we won’t delve into that.  I know there are girls in LA that are not super skinny and there are still girls here who don’t eat, but overall, it just seems the norm is not to starve yourself.

I’m also sure I was inspired to post this blog due to two of my hot facebook friends, Raccoon Lady and Hellcat, posting pictures of their goods today.  Credit where credit’s due, man.   Hats off to you, ladies.  Pants, too.

Yeah, why am I single?  Oh, yeah, that’s why.

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