ACK! There’s so many apples in this house, I had to climb out a window… (aaah…I’m clever)

Posted: July 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

So this is not really an update as a free form written word declaration blahbittyblah.

Mac vs PC


I have been a PC user for a good amount of time now.  Since my dad got his first “IBM Compatible”, I preferred it much more over the Apple ][+ we sported when I was a kid.  It was easier to use and was much prettier.  I’m not sure if that’s why I’m so “disloyal” to Apple.  It’s not that I’m loooove with the PC, I just don’t want to use Apple (he said as he typed this on SNR’s iBook G4).  I’m a gamer and to be honest, the games are way easier to get and more plentiful on the PC.  I understand that Windows blatantly stole a lot of its ideas and forms from Apple.  I get it.  So I’m trying to be fair to the Apple side.  I made a comment about, “Yeah, yeah, I know I should be fighting the Man and using Mac… and CBR said, “Not really, it’s just a different Man.”

I do have friends who are die-hard Mac users (CBR, SNR, Boopy Doo, Creepy) and that’s something I noticed.  PC users aren’t as passionate about PCs, it seems.  I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Probably just a thing.  Now the word thing sounds weird to me.

  1. Stupidman says:

    I can no more be passionate about PCs than I can be passionate about Cuisinart because they make my toaster. It’s a tool. My negative feelings about about Macs are more related to (if we keep up the toaster analogy) the fact that the Mac users are constantly having to use my toaster, because their toaster can’t toast bread that everyone else in the office can toast just fine.


  2. Mandi says:

    For Real. I agree with Stupidman and CBR.

    Mac users have to get all uppity. Mac tells them to be that way. And they are “passionate” because they want everyone to convert like they did so they feel better about themselves and when more peoples Mac break they won’t be so alone.

    They would like you to think you are “fighting the man” but who’s really “the man”? The platform that is so proprietary that you have to buy their CABLES even, or the one that lets you build your own how you want it and not how they tell you you should have it? I mean they purposely make their own products outdated within months so their followers will spend more damn money to upgrade.

    Mac users just prove that they fall for marketing hype and status buys.



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