Free WHAT? aka Who needs keys? Oh, I do.

Posted: August 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

So RSJ trekked into Williamsburg last night with me to go carousing.  Our first stop was The Alligator Lounge, mostly due to cheap drinks and FREE PIZZA WITH EVERY DRINK.  I mentioned this before, but can I just tell you how great that is?  Well, it’s great.  We both were starving (I’m convinced if we went any later, she would’ve taken a bite out of me and not in the good way).  We had a few beers and a few pizzas (they’re personal size) and she made some douchebag annoyed, so he went away, so good show, Red.  We were kind of done there, so we came back to Casa De Jacksonia (it’s really called that, there are signs all over for our street that say JACKSONIA, like we’re an independent hipster nation) and we planned on heading over to Hugs for free comedy (Free seems to be the theme for last night).  We never made it.  No, this story doesn’t get any sexier, I promise.  We decided to have some rum and Coke Zero before we left (see, Red, it does taste like regular Coke).  We apparently lost track of how much we had (which I owe SNR a bottle now since we had about half, which made her think, at first, that the guy renting CBR and Boopy Doo’s room drank it :p).  We shared music and talked about…I truly can’t remember.  We realized by that time that we weren’t going to see free comedy, so we walked over to Mesa Coyoacan (I think that’s how it’s spelled) and got tacos and cards and played Jewish Pinochle or Hanukkah Blackjack or something along those lines.  Walking back, I reached in my pocket and went, “Shazbot.” “What?” “Uh, I forgot my keys.” “Well, we’ll wait.”  “Uh, I think SNR gets off way later.”  “Shit.” “Yeah.”  So we sat in front of my neighbor’s window on a broken bench, ate tacos and I called Dirt Candy on RSJ’s phone (I forgot my phone, too, I’m a jackass).  “Hey, what time do you get off?” “Uh, in like a couple hours. Why? Did you lock yourself out?” “:(” (I didn’t really say “Colon open parantheses”, but I think you get the drift).  So, we headed back to Manhattan and played more Hebrew Canasta.  At some point, I got sad about Maxine while watching her cats play and decided I’d take my drunk ass home.  Also, I know if my girlfriend was drunk in her apartment with one of her male friends, no matter how much I trusted her, it would make me go :/.  I’m not THAT guy.  Just sayin’.  And for those of my friends that are going to go, “That’s dumb.”  or something along those lines, I’ll be happy to take your wife/girlfriend out and get her drunk.  I unfortunately woke up SNR to get in, though.  😦 Sorry about that. That being said, I woke up feeling like I just ate a bag of cotton balls.  Dipped in sweaty butts.

I think someone dropped a quarter in here.

I think someone dropped a quarter in here.

I think that’s the same guy in the cake.


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