Happy Birthday, Little Deedees.

Posted: August 18, 2009 in Uncategorized

Today is my Little Deedees birthday and I got to talk to her on the phone for a little bit this morning.  It didn’t really hit me how much I missed her until I heard her voice.  😦  I think soon will come a time when my screwball antics will no longer be amusing to her anymore and that kind of makes me sad.  To be honest, if I never get to father my own child, I feel like I (at least) got a nice taste of it living with Petunia and her family while that little baby was growing up.  We used to sit and I’d read her books during the day on my days off and I’d teach her colors and shapes and then we’d go and watch The Disney Channel.  I call her Deedees, because when she was just a baby, she’d sing this little song while crawling around or while bouncing in Grandma’s arms, “Dee-deedees, dee-deedees.”  For all I know, she was channeling aliens, but it was damn cute.  We’d take her places and it was somewhat painful, but it felt somewhat warm when people would think she was our’s.  I actually swelled with pride when she was able to read a whole book to me that was well above her reading level and when she learned how to swim (I swear, she’s part fish).  I know she’s going to grow up and be an amazing person.  Hope I’m around for that.  Love you, Squirtie. 

"What doing, guys?"

"What doing, guys?"

  1. penny says:

    she is growing up too fast! Atleast she still enjoys being a kid.


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