Oh, yeah? No, how about as YOU like it?

Posted: August 31, 2009 in Uncategorized

Before I recap my night, let me make this one statement.  New Yorkers.  Please.  CURB YOUR DAMN DOGS.  I was starting to think I smelled like that all night until I realized it was on my shoe.  I looked back and realized I had made some nice, gargantuan footprints that any slapdash gumshoe could follow.

That being said, this weekend has been a lot of me sitting around.  Not writing.  Well, writing in my head (a little writing digitally, but nothing monumental to speak of) and running through new ideas.  The only thing I did of note was I went and saw one of “my models” in a production of As You Like It at the Secret Theatre in Queens.  It really is a secret, I almost missed it.  And it was excellent. I always forget how much I actually like Shakespearean comedy.   There’s always a lot of cross-dressing and deception and one character that I’m convinced Ol’ Bill wrote in for one of his actor friends to steal the show with.

I always have some weird kind of disconnect in my brain when I meet people I’ve never met in person, but have had conversations with.  I got to meet a few of the actors after, which is always nice.  And.  I was VERY flattered that (I’ll get to the name in a second) offered up that she’s been reading my blog.  I was seriously taken aback.  CONSIDERING HOW MANY OF MY CLOSE FRIENDS I HAVE TO THREATEN PHYSICAL VIOLENCE TO READ THIS THING.  For those of you who DO follow it, thank you, there’s a certain few I’m thinking of who it took months of, “Oh, yeah, I have to get to that,” to check it out.  I know it’s not earth shattering literature, but it’s important to me.

So.  I was trying to come up with a good alias for said model.  Now, BS is the obvious choice, because it’s already an abbreviation, but what does it stand for?  There’s always the obvious, but that’s a bit crude.  Not that I shy from crude humor, but the obvious part, bleah.  So, I had a somewhat bi-polar conversation with myself on the walk home.  “BS…BS….Brown..no….Big..No, I think I might get in trouble going that route…..Best….Something…wait, that’s BS.  No, not BS, but that’s B.S.  BEST SOMETHING.”   Which is in the vein of “The Human Baby” and “Boopy Doo”; it doesn’t mean much to anyone else, but it works for me.  So I got to meet Best Something and she was lovely.  I say that not just because she said she reads my blog, so I know she’ll be reading this, but…well, that’s some of it.  BUT NOT ALL, I SWEAR.  I don’t work with you anymore, I don’t have to blow smoke up your ass.  That being said, if anyone else is reading this and I don’t know it, please let me know, you’ll endear yourself to me forever.

Sup, bitches.  They call me Billy.

Sup, bitches. They call me Billy.

  1. Genna says:

    Just want to let you know I do read this thing. Obviously I’m a bit behind sometimes, but I do read it!


  2. dani monster says:

    ❤ I read.


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