Endure…and in enduring, grow strong.

Posted: September 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

This is a completely self-indulgent post today.  This is all about, what I consider, the best game ever made. Planescape: Torment. This game changed the way I view video games and storytelling, altogether. Now, granted, it’s your typical RPG, with your characters who have weapons or magic and the general idea is to go on quests and kill stuff.  Granted.  That’s not what makes it special.

First of all, yes, for its time, it’s a beautiful game.  Visually, the animations (especially for the spells) are stunning.  The music blows it out of the water, though.   They actually sold the music for this on a CD because of all the work that went into it.  The voice acting was near perfect, too.  It had a few of the staples of voice actors, but also showcased Sheena Easton as a Scottish half-demoness, Annah.  Also, the gameplay was what I was used to.   This is still not enough to make it special.

The story.  Great busting balls.  The general gist of the story is you wake up on a slab in a place called The Mortuary.  The reason it’s capitalized, is it’s THE Mortuary.  A faction of people dwell there who worship death.  That’s one of the key parts of the story.  There are factions that take religion to its extremes.  Where their beliefs actually DO shape their reality.  The first character you meet after waking up is Morte.  This is Morte.

"How ya doin', sweetcheeks?"

"How ya doin', sweetcheeks?"

Morte is a floating, talking skull that is your main companion.  As you wake up, you realize you have no memory of who you are or why you’re lying on said slab.  The unraveling gets so convoluted, they actually have to check a few times to make sure you’re keeping up.  Somehow, they do this without being pandering or condescending.  The next character you meet is Dak’kon, an astral samurai who actually becomes stronger as he becomes more confident.  Then, you meet Annah.

"Och, it smells the devil in here. Whoof!"

"Och, it smells the devil in here. Whoof!"

I’d go through the entire storyline if I thought anyone would pay attention OR if it wouldn’t take me four days.  It’s rich and unique and conveys a message across without being preachy.

I don’t really know what sparked this nostalgia for this game, but whatever it was, I’m glad it did.

  1. Stupidman says:

    You really don’t enjoy sex with women, do you.


  2. Thor says:

    Hah, I just googled “Endure.. In enduring grow strong.” because it’s one of my favorite quotes, and suddenly I was here 😀 I agree, Planescape: Torment is probably the best game ever. Great combat, great gameplay, philosophically deep conversations and storylines, but most importantly: a wonderful plot! 🙂 The most perfect, most complete RPG so far in the history of gaming.


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