Take it like a man, suckafoo! And call 1-800-COLLECT!

Posted: September 24, 2009 in Uncategorized

I like how every time ANY little thing happens with my finances, I feel the need to bend the ear of anyone who happens to be within earshot.  Any ear.  Yes, I’m freaking out, but IS THIS HOW MR. T WOULD HANDLE IT?!?!?!  NO!!!  HE’D GRAB SOME FOO AND THROW HIM THROUGH A SALOON PLATE GLASS WINDOW!!!  Unfortunately, I have no foos and no saloon plate glass windows nearby.  I like Mr. T.  I like Mr. T a lot.  Mr. T fought CANCER and beat it up.  That’s pretty tough.  I’m worried about my fucking CREDIT SCORE?!?!?  And not being able to go out and get a beer for a bit and watch my spending?!?!  Personally, right now, no pity for this foo.  I’ll be fine.  I just have to suck it up a bit.  Stop being sick and start watching what I do.  I have a family here, a job, friends, I’m working on what I wanted to do here in the first place, I even have a crush.  SUCK IT UP, LITTLE SUCKAH. 

Nancy Reagan, thats just a rumor about me liking balls!  Thats from the internet!  Mr. T is also a pimp.

"Nancy Reagan, that's just a rumor about me liking balls! That's from the internet!" Mr. T is also a pimp.

  1. All I got from that is that Nancy Reagan is my dingleball shoe wearing hero.

    In a related story, I believe Mr T’s boots were featured in a Sally Struthers infomercial of a child with flies on his lips.


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