I am Major Coronary and this is my sidekick, Ulcer Boy.

Posted: September 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

Recently, after having CBR and Boopy Doo watch the Taco Town Commercial. It reminded me of This is Why You’re Fat, a site that can best be described as “food porn”. I haven’t looked at it in awhile, but 1. Someone apparently MADE the Taco Town Taco and 2. HOLY CRAP. Every time that I show someone that site, they have a few different reactions ranging from disgust to elation to outright confusion.  Just thought I’d share this with the LEGIONS UPON LEGIONS of people who read my blog.

  1. 37 says:

    Per the commercial, I think they skimped out when they used the tote bag with vegetarian chili. Bah!

    To the real thing, I’m a big fan of the buffet, and it’s not like I couldn’t eat all of those items in one sitting. It’s the idea of eating all of things within one bite. I’m not here to argue whthere it would be good or bad. I just wonder how many levels of flavor one’s taste buds could actually detect within said bite.


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