Oh, Brooklyn, my love…

Posted: November 5, 2009 in Uncategorized

How I love your crisscross streets and your delicious food,
Your mishmash of old brick monoliths and glass and steel condos,
A knish next to a burrito,
A mobster next to an emo,

The leaves fill the streets while smells of pot and pizza fill the air,
I love the L and the G and the JMZ,
I love you, Alligator Lounge and I love you, 24 hour bodega,
I even love you, Park Slope,

This beautiful burg of history, this borough of youth,
Has welcomed me to her bosom,
And made my face beam with its chill,
Oh, Brooklyn, my love…

  1. PENNY says:

    Wait till the snow comes and you can’t feel your toes.


  2. yourboogieman says:

    I’ll love that, too.


  3. Leonor says:

    you are giving me new reason to visit new york! to visit and say hi!


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