I was going to wait until next Grandparent’s Day, but I’m impatient.

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This is a ton of information my mother has been sending me because she’s taking up the hobby of tracking down her mother and father’s info.  It’s not a Mormon thing, she’s no longer of the LDS variety, so for her it’s just something to keep her busy.  (which burns my dad up because that’s supposed to be HIS gig)

First off a pic of my pretty grandma.  I called my grandmother Nana and my grandfather Umpa.  They’re German nicknames.

Then my grandfather.  My mom says I resemble him the most.  See what you think.
Come on, check out that jawline.
Here’s some of my grandma styling out and also check out that coat on my great grandpa.  I want it.

Now here are some emails my mom started just sending me with some info on my genetic past.
First off are some cool little tidbits, then my mom gets into Murder, She Wrote mode.

I’ve know this for years, my Father told me this when I was still living at
home. It just never registered that I should put this info on any of the
records of the Rade family history. What I’ve given may need to be amended.William was not my Father’s birth name. It was Willi (like Willie). After he
became an adult, he legally changed it to William because he couldn’t stand
being called Willi. The William became Bill later to his friends. The family
still called him Willi, and my 96 year old aunt still calls him Willi. When
I reconnected with her about 6 months ago, I said I was Bill’s daughter. It
didn’t quite connect with her at first because she always called him Willi.
So, now, when I talk to her, I say I’m Willi’s daughter.Something she just recently told me, that I didn’t know. I thought his
family came to Ellis Island from Germany. I thought all immigrants came into
Ellis Island. They didn’t. They came into Galveston, Texas.

How I know my Father’s birth name was spelled Willi, and not Willie, is when
I went on the MyFamily.com website, there was a connection to Ancestry.com,
which I clicked onto. There I could click on another link that listed
records of people coming into the country. I found my Father, and his 2
brothers saying they came into Galveston. When I tried to click to get more
info, it came up that I’d have to pay. MyFamily.com said the same thing. I
just don’t have the money right now.

There’s one question I have with it. They listed another name underneath.
Carl Rade. I have that his Father’s name was Karl. I always thought it a
little strange that my father had the same middle name, but was spelled
different. So, maybe his Father’s name did start with C.

This is the interesting story. My Aunt told me that her Mother’s father
forced her to marry Karl or Carl Rade. It was arranged. From what my aunt
said, he wasn’t a good guy and was very mean to her, so she ran away with
the 3 boys to America. That’s where they came into Galveston. So, it sounds
like they didn’t come with their Father, but my aunt said he followed them
here. I don’t know if they ever lived together, but she divorced him. He was
shot to death in 1911. My father said his brother came and told him “Pop’s
been shot. He’s in a wagon”. My father said it was a horse drawn wagon and
he saw his Father’s body in the back. My father never knew if anyone was
arrested or if they knew who did it, but apparantly his father was a mean
drunk. That’s why the Mother divorced him. And from what I’ve heard, the
Groendes man she married later, was the same way. She divorced him also.

As for Carl Rade listed with my father’s name coming into Galveston. Maybe
the mother had to list the father of the children. If I had the money to pay
for a membership I could probably find out more. You can even look at
original logs of the ship.

Next one is about my grandfather:
I told Allen this, but can’t remember if I told the other kids. When my
Mother was married to Earl Hartigan, they owned a bakery in San Pedro. She
saw the real Black Dahlia woman. She said she wore all black and it was the
first time she saw a woman wear a blouse below her shoulders.
Every time something came on the news about it, anniversary of the death or
whatever, I heard that same story.Then there’s the stories of my father working on Catalina Island during the
1930’s. That’s when all the movie stars used to go there. He saw Shirley
Temple,(She was a little brat. She told everyone to call her Miss Temple),
Laurel & Hardy (they always got drunk as skunks). All the stars from that
time used to go there. The movie ‘Captain’s Courageous’ with Spencer Tracy
was filmed there. My father said Spencer Tracy was a walker. He’d walk on
the Boardwalk every night by himself. And it was the first time little
Freddy Bartholomew, who was in the picture, caught a fish.
My mom also told me on the phone that another common visitor to the hotel was a Mr. Adolf Hitler.  (back then he was just known as the leader of Germany, not some mass murdering fuckhead).  In this picture, my grandfather and his friends are taking a picture and one of them is wearing a fake Hitler moustache because they thought it looked so silly.

Top third from left - me, I mean, Umpa

Another email:
I just talked to my 96 year old aunt, Erna (Groendes) Hedge who lives in
Texas. I got some more info from her.
Her Mother and second husband, Charles Groendes were never divorced. They
were separated when they died.
Her father’s name was Charle Christian Groendes She called her father Pa,
which I mistook as Paul.My father’s birth name was spelled Willie, not Willi, as shown in the
records I found on Ancestry.com. She said it was a very common name in
Germany. He didn’t like being called Willie and legally changed it to
William in the United States. I don’t know what year.A lot of her Mother’s siblings, with the last name of Schuman, are buried at
the Hollywood Cemetary in Houston, Texas. Information could probably be
gotten from there.

Her Mother’s maiden name was Mathilda Schuman. First name with an h and last
name with one n.
Her Grandmother’s last name was Huffman not Hoffman.
She doesn’t know anything about the Mother’s grandmother except her name was
Maria, married name Huffman.

The Groendes children did not have birth certificates. They were all born at
My aunt had to get her baptism record to show proof of her birth.
She and her brother Edwin were baptized at the Trinity Lutheran Church in
Houston, Texas.
She thinks it’s on Reisner St. She said the the baptismal records should
still be there. She got a book and it listed all the people that were at her
This would be a good place to get some information.
She thinks her other siblings were baptized at another church.

Her children’s names are Kenneth Lee Hedge born Sept. 9, 1930.
Jimmy Ray Hedge born Oct. 23. She couldn’t remember the year. He never liked
being called Jimmy, so he goes by Ray. He’s the one I sent the information
Goerge Andrew Hedge born Feb 13, 1935.

Next one:
As the story goes, someone, she doesn’t who who, in Germany helped the
mother escape the Rade man she was married to because he was so mean. She
and the 3 Rade boys, one my father, did not come over on a liner, they came
on a freighter. I’m assuming because it was cheaper.
She knew my father’s father was shot and what has been said through the
family was that it was the same person that helped her mother escape
None of this can be proved, but this is what has been told to the family.
She also said that no one spoke German in the house because of the war that
was going on.
They didn’t want anyone to know they were from Germany.
My mom’s so cute:
Here’s what I found out about my Father, his Mother Mathilda and two
brothers Alfred and Walter,
arrival from Germany to the U.S. All last names were Rade.Arrival Date: March 27, 1906
Ship Name: Hannover
Port of Arrival: Galveston, TexasNOTE: No father or mother’s is name listed. There is a Friend’s Name listed
as Carl Rade. This was my father’s father’s name, who they were running away
from. He was not with them. So, whoever the friend was that helped the Mom
and the 3 boys escape, gave the false name of the father.
My father’s first name is incorrectly spelled as Willi. It was Willie
according to my aunt Erna Hedge.
The Mother’s first name is incorrectly spelled as Mathide. It was Mathilda.

All 3 boys and the mother are listed on the Galveston Passenger Immigration
list with this same information.

This is getting more and more interesting.

Last one, I promise:

This is getting more and more interesting.

Here’s the actual manifest list of my Father’s trip from Germany to the U.S.
He’s number 15 under his oldest brother and mother. His youngest brother is
listed below.
What’s interesting is that the mother’s last name is listed as Groendes.
That was her second husband’s name. It says further to the right that Carl
Rade is the father.

It sounds like the friend that got her out of Germany was her second
husband. I have no idea if they were really married at that time or if she
was just using the name.

I don’t think any of the Groendes children ever knew this. From what my aunt
told me, I don’t think she knows this. I have the feeling they all think
their Mother met their Father in Texas.

Interesting. Interesting.

Another thing my aunt told me is that she doesn’t know if her Mother was
actually married to
Carl Rade or if the father just made her live with him as a common law wife.
And I’m still not sure if the spelling of the father is Carl or Karl. My
Father’s name is misspelled and so is his Mother’s.

Just wanted to make sure to keep all this somewhere.

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