Posted: January 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

I was trying to explain to my roommate, K-Town, the other day, where the graphic novel (which I’ll reveal is going to be called Absolute Power) came from in my brain.  It’s been in there awhile. I have two big projects that are trying to worm their way out of my brain now (Hard Sell and Absolute Power). They both come from very different places.  I will try to repeat what I said, but I am probably going to paraphrase.  “Absolute Power is something I want to come out.  I want to do this for me and I’m excited about it.  The thought of it makes me happy and is something I find enjoyable.  I WANT to do it.  Hard Sell is a Need.  Capital N.  I need to get this out of me before it forces itself out.  It’s something that I need to get out into the world.”  The difference is, Absolute Power will come out slowly and graciously.  I like the thought of getting new ideas about it and picturing how it’s going to look and read.  Hard Sell is going to come out like a demon baby.  It’s going to be painful and hard (waka waka) and it’s going to hurt me.   But I NEED to do it.  I’m not well versed in art.  I haven’t studied it or been making it for years.  This is how I feel about what I’m doing.  Both of these things want out.  Whether the world (the world that’s not my immediate world, that is) cares about them or even likes them or not is purely incidental to me at this point.  

But, yeah, if they make me famous, sure, that would be nice. 🙂

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