Posted: January 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

Time. To quote Mamet, “Time, time, time, you old pee-pee head.” This Tuesday, The Moth StorySlam in NY has a theme of ‘Time’. I plan on telling at this slam and at first, I had to pause a bit at that. It seems like it would be an easy theme to tie into a story, but it’s harder than I thought. I think I’ve accomplished it with my “Miss Piggy Early Onset of Puberty Story” (if you want to know more, go to the Slam :p), but it, as usual, it spurred a train of thought. Time seems to be a very prominent feature in my life at the moment. I’m learning how to value time and use it in the best way to get work I want to get done and not let it go to waste. With everything I’m trying to accomplish, wasting time is a crime. I’m also learning to hate the fact that I can’t speed it up, which is always frustrating, but I’m actually well known for my patience (especially with my family). I know it’s a cliche’, but nothing worth having was easy to get to. I try to manage my time and try to value the amount I have. Sometimes, it seems like not enough. Especially in a day. Or a week. Or a month. A year is kind of stretching it.

During the winter, time seems to have slowed down for everyone. I know it’s the lack of daylight that affects people’s physiology and makes them grumpy and want to hibernate like big, giant grizzly bears (somewhat appropriate for me) etc, and the cold makes people slow down, but it’s definitely a HUGE difference here than it does in California. The yoga teacher I go to at Abhyasa, Jay, is from California, also, and he said it makes you really feel like you’ve earned your spring. I have to admit, I feel it a bit, but I’ve learned I LOVE the cold. I love the feel of the wind on my face, even at temperatures of 6 degrees (yeah, granted, not too long, I’m not crazy, suckah). I’m curious to see the changes in people once the Spring really hits (especially my roommate, Boopy Doo).

I’m also curious to see the change in myself and see how I can truly learn to master patience right now, but still not lose sight of all the things I want to accomplish and all of the things I want in my life. That also goes hand in hand with my behavior. The past couple weeks, I’ve maybe been overly nonchalant in some of my behavior. That’s changing, that’s for sure. Keeping sight of what you want doesn’t mean you need to rush to it or forget that all of your actions have repercussions. All of them. Some things, you need to have deadlines and keep a steady pace, so you don’t lose steam or get distracted with other things, while others, you need to learn that you can’t control everything. You can’t fix everything in the world (I have a hard time with that still, but I’ve gotten WAY better).

One thing that has truly helped is to realize that I DO have time. I have supportive friends and people in my life, who are trying to live their lives in the stream of time with me (pretty zen, eh? Yeah, I just got back from yoga). I’m still relatively young and can accomplish much. And I still find time to read a good book or play some video games for a bit to keep myself sane. Sounds good to me.

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