See? I get my geek gene from both parents.

Posted: February 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

My mom is so frickin’ cute.  I sent her the link to the Speakeasy Stories site and she replied with this gem.

Hi Allen,

First of all, I forwarded your flyer to my friends and they all thought it was great.

I recorded Watchmen on HBO. I had no interest in seeing it in the theater, but thought since I could at home, I would.
I am totally fascinated by it. I have watched it over and over. Mostly to certain scenes because I’ve missed things the first time I watched it.
Gee, I don’t remember Nixon getting elected a third term, and I thought it was a sailor that was kissing the nurse when the war was over.
And now we know it was The Comedian that was on the grassy knowl, who shot Kennedy.
I think I watch something from it every day. Even if it’s just the beginning where The Comedian gets beat up, and thrown out the high rise window.
It took many times to realize when he was really getting beat up it was a stuntman in the shadows (duh).
It also took a few times to see the picture of Laurie, who turns out to be his daughter, in the closet.
There are little things that can easily be missed just watching it one time.
But last night was the first time I noticed they were playing your theme song in one of scenes with The Comedian and the Owl Guy.
Now I just mainly watch any scene The Comedian is in. He’s a really bad boy.

Anyway, congrats on the storytelling. Let me know how it goes.

This one's for you, Mom.

  1. y2k0r3 says:

    cool!!!! good luck on 2/18!


  2. Zombianca says:

    your mom and my mom should get together and have watchmen viewing mom loves that movie


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