Stuff my mom sends me.

Posted: March 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

For those of you who know me and also have met my mom, you know why I love her (other than just being my mom) and also can see some of the similarities.  Here is an email my mom sent me the other day.

I got this from a friend who lives in Arizona. He’s selling it for a friend of his.

ShopRider Mobility Chair. Excellent condition.

9 months old.

Used twice.

Sold new for $2395.00

Asking $1500.00 cash

Includes charger and cover.

Call Ben at 480-295-6226

They see me rollin'...

Now, I’m sure she didn’t just send this to me, but for a second, I thought, “Mom, I know I said I’m fine without a car here, but this isn’t exactly what I meant.”  Also, note that this guy is in Arizona. ❤ Mom.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Alcoholics!

Yes, let's piss both nations off, because they're so known for their even tempers.


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