Allen’s Theory of Relativity

Posted: April 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

I haven’t made a blog post in a bit, mostly due to feeling sorry for myself for feeling a bit ill.  The air mattress I was sleeping on finally bit the bullet and I couldn’t get the KING SIZE BED  that Miss Stewart graciously has allowed me to take yet, so I’ve been sleeping on K-Town’s yoga mat on the floor.  This has been causing me back problems and because I’m so used to sleeping on my side, I’d wake up like that with a twisting pain in my ribs.  Which also started causing me pain in my wrists and arms and hips.  I also have the starting of a toothache (nothing major yet, just a twinge every few days) and my dental insurance doesn’t go through until May 1st.  :/  And apparently, I also have allergies, which caused me to run a low grade fever and become MAJORLY congested in the cloud of pollen that is surely making the bees around here erupt in spontaneous orgasms of buzzing delight.  I now have the bed and got some Benadryl and have stopped myself from participating in cyberchondria, which is unproductive. So I’ve been feeling a bit rundown.

Today, I read an interview with Ed Brubaker and he gave a shout out to read The Unknown Soldier. I read good things and heard good things about it, so I decided to do so. So far, it’s about a doctor in Uganda who is going through some kind of metamorphosis into this killing machine while trying to help innocent people. It’s brutal and horrifying. And it’s incredible.

These two topics might seem unrelated, but they are. I’ve always heard that it’s relative and a sliding scale on how bad things are for people. After reading some of this comic, I’m ashamed of myself. Sliding scale or no, I have a lot to be thankful for. My life is not in constant danger. I’m worried about getting sick and possibly having a toothache and there are children of four and five who are worried about being killed by another child of four or five. Or raped by a child of nine. Who have no clean drinking water and no food. K-Town and I were discussing how there are so many horrible things out there in the world, that if you are constantly angry at ALL of them, you’d have to stop functioning. And that you do what you can. Right now, THIS is affecting me. I have an opportunity to make my life better and lately, I’ve been squandering it.

As usual, my point may be muddled. I don’t know what I can do for Uganda. Send them all my money? Move there and try to do good? Cry about it? I don’t know what I can do for Haiti or Chile or the millions and millions of other people in the world who’s lives are more unfortunate and horrible than mine. I send money to Children’s International and donate to charities. I do good when I can. Nothing seems enough, of course. Maybe my point is to read The Unknown Soldier. Maybe my point is to live your life and be grateful for it.

  1. Christine says:

    Beautiful post my friend. I’ve been thinking about you and missing you lots lately-should have turned those sentiments into a phone call to say hi and check in on you! We need a catch up session soon! Glad you’ve come full circle though and VERY glad you’ve got a mattress! I would have beat your ass if I knew you were sleeping on a yoga mat, or at least bought you a mattress from a flea market or something 😉
    Mikey and I miss you-hope to see you soon!


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