Posted: May 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

Oh, man.  I just had the best wrongly dialed phone conversation I’ve ever had at work.   This has to be shared.  And just to pre-empt it, NO, this is not fiction.   Text in red is, let’s call her, Natasha.


*women answers, Russian accent* “Hello?”

“Hi, is Shahla ****** there?”

“I need a man.”

“Um, Shahla ******?”

“I need a man. A boy.  Are you a nice man?”

“I’m looking for Shahla ******?  Is Shahla there?”

“For relationship.  For friendship.  I need a man.  Please.”

“Are you Shahla?”

“What is Shahla?  I need man.”

“I’m looking for SHAHLA ******.”

“No.  Good bye.”



And to cut my self-styled comedic friends off at the pass, yes, yes, I missed my opportunity at a Russian mail-order bride.   I hope the shotgun method of trying to get married every time the phone rings works out for her.


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