Oh, this thing still works?

Posted: June 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

It’s been awhile since I’ve really fired up this thing.  Other than a few intermittent, “Hey, I’m still alive!” posts and random weirdness, it’s like I’ve been avoiding talking about what’s going on.  I’ve had my own random weirdness.  It seems like winter was good for me, but when Spring hit, the world came alive and I turned undead.  Since I last checked in, I fought a bout of smoldering pneumonia, had an infected wisdom tooth out, Speakeasy shut down and I’ve gone to the Moth now three times (without getting on stage), decided to go back to school, The Spine House moved down the street (to an AWESOME new, charming place that’s much bigger) and I tried to get myself out of my funk.  For those that had to deal with me during all this, I’m sorry.  Because I was acting like a martyr.  I’ve really noticed it the last few weeks.  I had this idea that my life was so horrible and I just wasn’t taking care of myself and boo fucking hoo. Enough of that noise.  My life is pretty damn good.  This isn’t a Stuart Smalley moment, it’s more of a, “Yeah, lame.  Time to act like a man.”

Also, I’m starting to get a handle on finances and I’ve got an idea which direction I want my life to take.  I like helping people.  And the human mind fascinates me.  I’m planning on going back to school (shit, going TO school), getting my Bachelor’s in Psychology with a focus on Mental Health (Executrixie pointed out that was her major, too, clinical psychology, and warned me Chris was the tip of the iceberg.  Which before I say my usual, “Yeah, I know,” it’s a good warning <3).   I’ve applied for admission at CUNY and am waiting to hear if I can start over.  I had a talk with the closest people to me (geographically and emotionally) and I’ve come to realize how easy it is for me to fall into this weird funk (mental, physical and emotional) and I need to be vigilant against MYSELF.  I know I’m not perfect, but I don’t act that way sometimes (really, some bad habits were picked up, when do you ever hear me not say, “Oh, yeah, I know”)?

So, time to suck it up.  I don’t like where my life is right now, so what do you do?  You do something else and you move forward, right?  So how do you do that?  I’m not being rhetorical, how do you do that?  I know I need help.  I have problems asking for it.   I think some humility would do me some good, too.   These are going to be more frequent, because I liked doing them.   So stay tuned.  I have things to say.


  1. Stupidman says:

    You said “CUNY.”


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