Thuper Thursday.

Posted: June 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

So to keep me blogging and from the wheels getting too rusty, I started saying I was going to do weekly themes.  Today is Thuper Thursday.  All non-comic people, talk amongst yourselves for a bit.  This is what I’ve been rotting my brain with.

1. DV8 – Gods and Monsters  –  DV8 was a short lived comic based on the antagonists of GEN13.  Pretty simple stuff, but well received.  This particular series was picked up by Brian Wood, who had critical acclaim with DMZ (still haven’t gotten around to reading it, but I’ve heard it’s good).  I was never a big fan of GEN13 or the like, but I read the first issue of this and I like where it’s going.  This group of “super-villains” has been dropped onto a world of stone-age humans who start worshiping the eight of them separately as gods and form tribes.  The powers each of them possesses forms the tribes belief system and how they interact with each other is like watching an anthropology experiment.

2.  Unknown Soldier – I’ve talked about this in another post, but it’s still going strong.  They haven’t fully explained the reasons behind this man who mutilated himself and has been going around killing soldiers in Africa, but regardless, it’s keeping me intrigued.

3.  Victorian Undead – This is a guilty pleasure.  I’m not going to go into to it TOO much, but it’s pretty basic.  Sherlock Holmes vs Zombies.  Yeah.  Don’t judge.

4.  As kind of a side note, I read The Marvels Project.  Other than the typical, capes and cowls books, I gave this a shot.  It was interesting.  It’s a look into the beginning of Marvel comics in the 40s with the origin of The Human Torch, the first appearance of The Sub-Mariner and Captain America, but more from the standpoint of how different outlooks can change a story’s true meaning/purpose.  Good stuff.

Weekly, I’ll talk a bit about comics, for those of you who care, that’s what Thursday will all be about.  Don’t hate.


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