Happy New York Year!

Posted: June 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

I am now an official resident of New York!  It was one year ago today, Sergeant Allen left behind Califor-ni-a, he’s been going in and out of style (mostly out), but he’s guaranteed to break the tile (or chairs, or other furniture), so let me introduce to you, the one and only Boogie Meers (sorry, it rhymes with Spears) and…okay, I lost steam.  So it’s been one year.  I want to say it went by so fast, so I will.  But it also seems like so much happened!  I landed in Williamsburg on a gloomy, rainy June night (remember last summer?) and settled into my room.  The Roomsketeers proceeded to make me feel like a welcome member of The Spine House and I always feel like I can’t say enough how lucky I am for them.  I love you, guys.

Okay, here I come! *CRUSH*

I quickly was able to secure a job at Lexus of Cerri, uh, Manhattan almost immediately (YES, I realize how extraordinarily lucky I am) and have also been lucky to get a heads up about storytelling from Blo.  I got to tell about my weird life on stage and even got paid for it!  I’ve survived a New York winter (which I LOOOVED) and even had to move.  TO AN AWESOME NEW PLACE.  I made great new friends here and even made friends elsewhere in the world somehow. 🙂  Now, I’m going through an upheaval of my world trying to figure out what to do.  I TRULY don’t think I would’ve done that if it wasn’t for the big move here.   I can honestly say I don’t regret moving here at all.   I 8 NY.  I mean, I less than three NY.


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