Momo Monday Maui Madness, Maholes!

Posted: June 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

This week’s Momo Mondays blog is devoted to my second favorite form of cuisine, Hawaiian Street or “Plate” food.  I get interesting looks or reactions when I declare my love for Hawaiian food.  Typically, it goes something along the lines of either, “You mean, like…pineapple and poi and crap?” or it goes, “HELL YEAH.” (because they know what I refer to).  Typically, Hawaiian plate food refers to Chicken dishes that have a side dish component of potato salad and perhaps some ramen cabbage or spam masubi (granted, not my favorite, my dad’s love of Spam has caused me to have an aversion to it).  The Loft in Cerritos used to be one of my favorite haunts for grub.  It truly feels like The Hawaiian people understand the meaning of the word, “grub”.  They have dishes called Loco Moco with a fried egg sitting atop a steaming pile of meat and gravy and rice.  That just screams “hangover cure” to me.  I’m not going to lie, my appreciation for our island colony’s cuisine is only about five or six years old, but it’s the mileage, not the years.  I’ve eaten a lot of this stuff.  Which might explain my high blood pressure and my penchant for dancing around in grass skirts.  If you’ve never indulged in Chicken Katsu or Hawaiian Short Ribs, I highly recommend you at least give it a try and let your mouth have vacation.  And don’t forget the Bacon Fried Rice.  ALOHA, SUCKAHS.

Talk about nom, nom, nom.


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