Thuperduper Thursdays July, July, Julyyyyyyyyy

Posted: July 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

Today is July 1st.  Why is this relevant?  It’s not.  Well, to Canadians, it is.  To Americans, it’s the first day of…July.  July brings to mind beaches, barbecue (see Momo Mondays), swimming pools, movie stars…wait.  Just the first three.  And summer.  For me, as a kid, that meant sitting inside and reading comic books all day.  As an adult, this means, going to work and then reading comic books.   I have a few friends who enjoy in the inkdot jungle, also, but the majority of my friends and acquaintances either have lightly dabbled or disdain the idea altogether.  I think there’s a lot to be said about what some books have done lately.

1.  All Star Superman –  This is not your father’s Superman.  Well, it kind of is.  Grant Morrison did a GREAT job on this.  (I haven’t read All Star Batman, but I heard it was awful, so this is good news).  It’s basically Silver Age Superman in all his completely FUCK YOU to science and physics, but done smartly.  It pushes the boundaries of believeability, but takes you with it when it does.  Very slick, very enjoyable and I wish it was ongoing.

2.  The Authority –  The Authority really reminds me of Squadron Supreme from the 80s (the miniseries) in that it’s essentially the Justice League saying, “Screw you, guys, you listen to us now.”  Some very high powered heroes decide to stop messing around and put the thumbscrews to the people in charge.  And are not above a little high end carnage.  Better in the beginning, but still has its merit.  (also Grant Morrison’s baby for a bit)

3.  The Golden Age – Still my favorite Elseworlds.  This story puts a spin on the shiny, golden gods of the 40s and 50s in the comic world and rips open those shells to show the wet, pulpy insides.  So good. 

4.   Irredeemable – I hesitated to add this, but it’s good.  And I came up with the idea on my own, too.  I’ll say this much.  Evil Superman.  Superman goes evil and smashes shit up.  The rest of the heroes in this world have to deal with his fall and the repercussions.  I dig it.

5. Incognito – The Roomsketeers gave me this for Christmas and I was really impressed.  The idea is from a villain’s point of view after being put in to a form of the witness protection program.  There’s a movie in the works, I recommend reading this first in case it gets the “Wanted Treatment”.

These are only the few that are floating around in my brain usually, but you start there, you’ll get the idea.  🙂


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