Webby Wodensday 7/7/10 – The Return of the First Webby Wodensday

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

The internet is evil.  And I don’t mean the classical “snake-eat-the-apple-fire-and-brimstone-kill-your-family-rape-your-hamster” evil.  I mean truly an evil creation.  In the same way television is evil and cell phones are evil and modern medicine is evil.  All of these things have great importance to our modern world and have improved our lives as a whole.  And they have the potential to make us less human every day.  It’s the same distinction between “money is the root of all evil” and “THE LOVE of money is the root of all evil” (granted, if we did away with the whole monetary system, who knows how much happier we’d be).  I came to a horrible conclusion the other day that I have a deep shame about the amount of time I spend on the internet.  I’ve been trying to do ANYTHING but find distractions on here (of course, I’ve just fallen into other distractions).  I have a lot of appreciation for the things I’ve found on the webternet (Something Awful, Newgrounds, the countless true geek sites out there that filter my news so my brain doesn’t melt), but I find myself abusing it.  I even fell into the trap of THE POINT AND CLICK GAME.  Now, that’s shame.  Talk about a distraction.  I’m somewhat fascinated by the amount of time that some people play on these things, until I really thought about the amount of time I was spending on them.  Granted, there was an amount of happiness or satisfaction out of it, but I’m pretty sure I’d have found it elsewhere and not have a pinched nerve in my BUTT because of it (I totally do, sacroiliac nerve is still in the process of healing after being sprained. how do you get it?  Sitting on your ass) and I might not feel odd about it.   I don’t look down on anyone who spends time playing any games.  I ENJOY video games.  Always have.  Point and click games, I’m scared how quickly they’ve developed into this odd counter-culture.  And you can’t say it’s a social aspect, because EVERYONE who plays these knows it’s a pain in the ass to try to get “more friends to play Vomitsville!”  The rest of the time, you’re morosely clicking on your peapods/dishes/mafia soldiers/zombies/houses/yadda yadda in solitary and waiting for the timer to go down.  And people spend money on them.  Honest to goodness real money on them.  For some people, this isn’t a surprise, but you’re spending the money you earn in your real life to spend on a fake life that’s slowly replacing your real life.  *brain explodes*   See, this is where the internets be evil.  I’m sure there’s a ton of justifications for why people play them, like it gives me something to do, I feel accomplished, I think my pets are cute, check out my badass vampire abs on my avatar.  You can do those things in real life with real people (even the vampire abs).  I’m not lecturing anyone but myself here.   But seriously?  Isn’t there ANYTHING else you could be doing?  Here’s the best part, I just clicked on one of those games to see what I had been doing and I started clicking on things and sending things to people.  SEE?  It’s like being a junkie.  Ugh.

"That'sh right, see. I'm gonna rub ya out, ya mole rats, see."

  1. CBR says:

    I should respond to this with a link!


    I also struggle. I must remember a break from work should also be a break from the computer. My back keeps telling me, but will I listen?


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