The Unbadical Whiteness of Boogie

Posted: August 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

Oh, hello, people.  I promised (well, I didn’t promise, but I SAID) I’d update more often.  And then I didn’t.  AWESOME!  So, now I am.  Not because I felt any obligation to.  Okay, a little obligation to, but mostly because I felt I had something to say now.  I’ve been going through stuff in my head about what I’m doing with my life and why I’m here (not just New York, but you know, LIFE AND JUNK AND ALL THAT DEEP STUFF, YOU KNOW) and what I’ve been doing with myself.  It seems I go through that a lot (WOO DRAMA QUEEN!), but I’m still deciding.  I’ve been still feeling a bit old, but I’m pretty sure I’m done with the hypochondria I somehow picked up at some bus terminal or something (I heard you can catch weird plagues in bus terminals, so that must be where I got it), so rather than, “Oh, my leg hurts, OH, GOD, IT’S A TUMOR,” it’s more like, “Crap, my leg hurts, I better go walking/stop eating buckets of salt/sit up and not slouch like an ogre.”  Bleah, age is lame.  I want to get to the point where I age backwards, please?  Thanks.  *RUNS*  Also, I’m definitely going back to school.  There’s no waffling on that.  It needs to be doed.  Done doing.  Ding dong diddly doo.  Luckily and both unluckily, I have to start from scratch, which gives me the option to figure out how to focus things. I mentioned before I’m interested in psychology, but nursing and taking care of people is something I could see doing the rest of my life.  One of my friends said, “So you want to be a doctor?”  Meeeeh, no.  I have doctor friends and they do good work, but I don’t think that’s what I mean (plus, I don’t feel I have the rigor for it, maybe I do, but I feel that I don’t).  Plus, there’s nothing wrong with being a murse.  Uh, Focker.  Uh, nurse.  :p  Especially in psych.  I’ll probably have to hold down a lot of the big guys. YAY.  While I’m doing that, I want to continue to work in school and figure out where that takes me and what my options are. 🙂  ALSO.  I need to start writing writing again.  Not just here.  I applied at a ton of places for blogging and articles (mostly websites and media marketing companies, but also MTV and a few others).   I enjoy writing and I haven’t been doing enough of what I enjoy.  LIKE PUNCHIN’ SUCKAHS IN THE FACE!  MORE OF THAT, TOO!  *POW*  Oh, sorry, that came out of nowhere.   Also, summer is NOW in full bloom as far as I’m concerned.  It’s no secret I’m not a sunbaby and am EXCITEDLY looking forward to Fall and Winter, but it’s getting NICE. Like really nice.  A bit breezy and sunny and warm at night, but not OH GOD MY BUTTCRACK IS FULL OF SWEAT hot.   I like it.  I’m going to go walking across the Williamsburg Bridge again tonight.  It’s such a nice walk.  Yes, I’m 65.  Shut up.  *eats prune*  Also, I’m rediscovering my geek roots a bit more.  I think I somehow leaned away from that.  I like comics.  And D&D. And video games.  And NERD SHIT.  I don’t know what made me lean away from it, but somehow I did.   I had this idea that it was a “waste of time”.  I quote The Bard when I say, “F that shiz.”  It makes me happy.  Granted, it doesn’t help me get LAID, but what can you do.  Yeah, that.  Not a lot of that going around.  Yaaaaay.  I guess I’m waiting for Ms. Right On.  (any girl I end up with has to use the phrase Right on.  Just sayin’)  I just wish she’d hurry up.  Ugh.  Meanwhile, I’d like to get myself cleaned up.  No, seriously, going to go take a shower.  I’m one ripe tomato.

POW I SAID!!!!!!


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