Posted: August 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

I used to have a bad habit (that I picked up from my mama and papa) of spoiling plots, while subsequently saying, “Oh, I won’t tell you anything, except just this one thing, Optimus Prime DIES.”  This has lead me to become extra wary of giving away plots, easter eggs, etc.  Lately, though, it seems like I’m the only one.  I tried my BEST to avoid any kind of news about the movie, Inception.  I wanted to see if the internet would ruin the plot for me before I saw it.  Sure enough, just enough macros, forums and even just TITLES to articles blew some of the story for me.  I saw it last night (it was good, btw) and I think I would’ve enjoyed more if I had known LESS initially going into it.   It seems like if you want to be surprised or if you even just want to, I don’t know, learn the plot and developments AS YOU WATCH THE MOVIE, you have to isolate yourself away from the internets.  I know there’s this massive hivemind brain that’s somehow formed in the geek community (I picture this huge Illithid/Cthulhu-like brain with glasses and a gigantic XBOX controller on top of its tank), but the sites I do check regularly (Boing Boing, io9, Topless Robot, etc) seem to have an ever increasing amount of redundant articles.

Now, these are just in the geek community, this is already overly rampant in regular mainstream media and has been for years.  I can’t think of one bit of even relatively, I almost said important, but I’ll settle on “tittilating”, news that isn’t repeated in every news site, blog site, Perez Hilton, TMZ, etc, before the panties have even hit the ground.   And with the buzz going on (I’ve seen numerous articles relating to it all over the web) about Verizon/Google’s Net Neutrality talks, I fear there’ll be no getting away from any of it.  Already, how often have you been emailing someone about  how nice their pics of Jamaica are on their Facebook and Google ads says in the next 30 seconds, “HEY, GOING TO JAMAICA!?!?!?!?  CHECK OUT THESE TRAVEL PACKAGES!!!!”  WTF?!?!?  And I’ve always had the idea that Google would love to partner with Facebook more closely, so they’ll have access to EVERYTHING about your life.  Let’s see; when you get up, what music you like, what books, where you go (Foursquare), what you’ve been eating, your relationship status, your points of contact, how many pubic hairs you have, ETC, ETC, ETC.  This article gives me a little hope, though.  It seems Facebook is taking a stand.  But, it’s hard to not feel a bit paranoid.  The response is, “Well, don’t use the internet.”  Oh, okay.  I already get the strangest looks when I say I don’t have a TV in my house.  There are people who I can guarantee that I would NEVER HEAR FROM AGAIN if I stopped using the internet completely.  I have to admit, I can’t even conceivably imagine not using the internet.  In an earlier post, I stated how the internet was evil.   Don’t get me wrong, as an information tool, it’s amazing.  It definitely makes things easier.  The net neutrality issue is a big worry of mine, though.  Google is already becoming more difficult to sift through the first page of ads that have bought space on top of your search.  I just wonder if there will ever have to be a true “underground internet”.  Where if you look up a recipe, it doesn’t force you to read Paula Deen’s version of chicken and asparagus (sorry, PIV), as opposed to say, something without a pound and a half of butter.   Tonight, The Roomsketeers and I were just discussing how we’re overly saturated with information.  Some of it, we don’t want.  And some of it just fills up our day.  It’s gotten to the point where it’s like leaving the TV on because you don’t feel like changing the channel.   I don’t want to get preachy (TOO LATE), but I want to distill some of that knowledge.  It’s getting harder and harder to do that.

Can you hear me now? No? Oh, you must be on the new iPhone.


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