It’s just another Momo Monday

Posted: August 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Wish I had a SUNDAAEEEE!!!!!  Yes, today’s Momo Monday is dedicated to desserts.  Not the comfort desserts, like apple pie, cobblers, hot baked goods and the like, but with the impending demise of Summer 2010, I want to talk about some ICE CAH-REAM.  I can’t indulge like I used to, but oh, man, I pass, not one, not two, but count’em THREE Mr. Softee trucks on the way from work practically every day.  And it’s torture.  I really like ice cream.  I mean, really.  And recently, it’s come to light that I’m a bit lactose intolerant.  YAAAAY!!!!!  So I have to be careful, but OH GOD.  I miss hearing the ice cream trucks come swinging around the corner at top speed (seriously, I swear, in my suburban neighborhood in Lakewood, CA, I promise they went a few extra houses to make us kids chase them).  I always used to love those big, giant ice cream globs that vaguely resembled the Pink Panther with lemonade gumball eyes or Push-Ups or weird popsicles that were all very obscenely shaped, no matter how you look at them.  As I grew older, Baskin-Robbins became more of a staple of my fatso diet.  “Wait, there’s THIRTY ONE FLAVORS?!?!?”  I still love the smell of freon mixed with fermented sugar that permeates all Baskin-Robbins.  And ICE CREAM CAKE.  See, on the west coast, when I was young, we didn’t have Carvel (they do now in grocery stores), but back then, if you wanted ice cream cake, you went to BR.  Gold Medal Ribbon with chocolate cake or some fucked up mix of Pralines and Cream and yellow cake.  Good stuff.   Ice cream sandwiches and ice cream pies and sundaes galore.  I love it all.  Now that I’m older, I don’t indulge like I used to (and thank god for that), but K-Town brings home a lovely treat.  It’s called a Nanaimo Bar from Dirt Candy, of course.  And it’s…it’s good.  I could eat a tub of it.  I will admit I have stopped at Mr. Softee on a few occasions and let myself have gastrointestinal warfare in my colon as a result, but oh, man, on a hot day, there’s something about a quickly melting soft serve ice cream covered in chocolate mush that makes it all worth it.  I leave you with this.  My perfect sundae.   Classic banana split, but the bananas have been covered in oreo cookies crumbs and caramel and lightly fried.   Three scoops of ice cream.  One is gold medal ribbon, one is chocolate fudge brownie and the other is butter brickle.  First crushed waffle cone is sprinkled on top, then caramel, fudge and marshmellow fluff then whipped cream and a little bit of drizzled strawberry sauce and a couple of wafer cookies.  No cherry on top, that for some reason doesn’t do it for me, just on top of the whipped cream, there would be crushed up malted milk balls.  Okay, I’m going to go take a long bath.  Sitting in mint chip.



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