*cough* *cough* Dusty this thing is.

Posted: October 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

It’s time for blogging.  I’ve been running around doing everything but write lately and it’s high time some fingers hit the keys. PUNCH THE KEYS.  I’M THE MAN NOW, DAWG.  I finally sold my car and it looks like I’m going to school.  I had put Hard Sell on the back burner, but lately, it seems that back burner keeps boiling over.  I don’t think Hard Sell is dead.  I think it just needs to marinate.  Or something else culinary-related.  I had this realization this year, with the help of the people around me, that I was unsatisfied with my life, so I was trying to change the things around me.  I’ve come to realize there were things IN me that I wanted to improve and change.  I’m coming to realize that I had a lot of resentment and distaste for LA due to the fact that I was unhappy there.  I’m glad I moved to New York, but I think I needed to shake things loose in general.  I owe LA an apology.  I never want to live in you again, but I’ll come visit you sometimes.  Granted, I’m not saying I love LA, because I really, really don’t, but I’ve come to appreciate it for what it is.  A big playground.  And I like playing.  But, right now, I need to work.  And that’s what New York is.  It’s a place to get things done.  Maybe at some point, I’ll find somewhere new to live.  The desert, Portland, New Orleans, Texas, maybe even OKLAHOMA.  Who knows.  Also, man, I miss blogging.  I went back and read some of my old blog posts and I loved writing those.  🙂  There are some things I can’t really talk about right now, just because they’re in a hush-hush stage, but also because I don’t know what’s going on for sure.  I do need to start up my daily blogs, though.  I have so much food to talk about and nerd shit and bleah bleah bleah bleah.  I hope people still read this.  Oh, I also started a Twitter account, because why the hell not.  Check it out, suckahs. Stay tuned for more brain barf.   Also, I leave you with this.


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