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Turn the face of scame cha cha changes, bu boo a bubber man.  That’s what I thought the lyrics to Changes by David Bowie were when I was a kid.  I probably know about 65% (being generous to myself) to all of the songs in my head.  I have really bad hearing and it’s worse with music.  That’s also why if you ask me the name of a song, you’re better off humming it rather than trying to tell me the lyrics, because, “We are a part of a Rhythm Nation…” is more like, “We are a park of a ridden nation…” and don’t even get me started on industrial lyrics.  “Chew the pill that tastes like hell…” is “Children that taste like hell…”  Seriously.

Anywho, so there are a LOT of changes going on.  An alteration to some of the people and situations in my life that oddly, I just realized I CAN’T GET INTO.  Weird.  I know it seems a bit contrived, but I just realized I can’t get into a lot of what I want to, because of sensitivity (no, Stupidman, it doesn’t have to do with my gay lover and if it did, I wouldn’t say).  It’s odd when you have to be careful of what you say not to hurt people’s feelings or because of ACTUAL legal ramifications (nothing, bad, it’s just when you sign things, you have to be careful, EULAs and the like).  I quit my job at Lexus, that much I can say.  It’s just time to move on and do other things.  I won’t have any problem with money that I can foresee, the car is sold (YAY!!!!!) and I’ve REALLY cut down on a lot of my bills.  I’m still waiting on school, and might have to wait until next year to start.  Admissions is taking FOREVER.  This year needs to be over.  2010 was just a bit much for me and I’m already ready for 2011.  Which I’m sure in some 80s movie is when the bomb hit and started the post apocalyptic world of Steel Dookie or something.   That makes me want to go play Fallout: New Vegas.  Okay, also, I saw on ad on a TAXI for New Vegas.  How cool is that.  Geek chic has come a long way.  I remember when playing D&D was something you didn’t bother talking about.  Now, there are podcasts and full on crowded conventions about them.  Where comic book movies were just ACCEPTED as being bad right from the start (Superman, excluded, because Christopher Reeves is Jesus).  Where you had to HIDE the fact that you covered yourself in lime jello in the bathtub and fantasized about Slimer having his way with you.  Not yet?  Okay, disregard that last bit.  Now, it’s not uncommon to see a guy getting out of his Escalade wearing a Kangol hat, baggy jeans, gold chains and a SINESTRO CORPS T-SHIRT.  Seriously.  Saw it the other day on 11th Avenue.  It’s from Green Lantern, go look it up.  I’ll wait.  Okay, good.  I’m feeling positive about where things are going.  Now, to just figure out when to do my own storytelling night.  Hmmmm….

Also, all ready for Halloween?  I hope to be out, just to see the train wrecks of costumes this year.  The Situation?  Yes!  Rat-Snookie? Awesome!  THIS?




Guessed what it is?  I’m sure you can.