Posted: February 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

My mind the other day turned to the unsung heroes of entertainment.  The sidekicks, the cliched characters, the pratfall guys, the buffoons, the clowns…The Lembecks.  That’s what I’ve taken to calling the leading man’s slapstick second.  We all remember Buddy Lembeck (except for those of you who were just a gleam in your daddy’s scrotum at the time) and his barbaric yawp of, “OOO, Charles!  Maybe we can use your telekinesis to blow some girls’ underpants off!”  I might be mixing media there.  I’ve always loved these characters.   Curtis Armstrong happens to be one of my favorite Lembeck actors.  From Charles De Mar in Better Off Dead, to Herbert Viola in Moonlighting, to one of the hard-to-stand-out-standouts in Revenge of the Nerds, Booger, Curtis Armstrong and his fellow Lembecks don’t get the praise that they deserve.  I’m especially glad to see these traditions continued.  The now dead Reaper wouldn’t have lasted as long as it did if it hadn’t been for Sock (you know it’s true).  And just like Urkle on Family Matters, Sherman on Big Bang Theory has become the focal point of the show (he even won a Golden Globe for it).   I know I’m not alone in this, they’re not THAT unsung, but I just wanted to state my appreciation for my sometimes also oafish brothers-in-arms.   Keep on goofin’, guys.

No, not that one.

Oh, also, because I said I would drop names, Elia and Steph smell like butts.

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