It’s getting bigger all the time…

Posted: February 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Wait, that’s supposed to be better, isn’t it?  Eh, whatever.  My friend, Momo, recently asked me how my list was coming along.  The only answer I could come up with is, “It’s coming.”  I think that’s part of the point.  That’s why I don’t think resolutions work so well.  It’s something you set up that is (typically) an extreme action and/or mindset that is quickly abandoned for prior behavior.  This list (which I keep wanting to add to, and I know that’s the path of destruction, so I won’t, but it keeps wanting to grow) is just a reminder of what I want to do.

There IS progress, though.  I did register for my first class.  English 101.  HA.  Never did get it out of the way, might as well.  I told myself I was only going to take one class to get into the swing, but now I’m thinking maybe I could’ve handled two.  And of course, the doubt sets in a bit.  “Maybe school’s a trip down poverty lane with no reward.”  How many friends do I have that got their bachelor’s and (really) are no better off financially, mentally or uh, progressively than they would have been without it.  I’m not against no book learnin’, but it seems like the education system is kind of messed up, even moreso than before.  Don’t worry, this isn’t me backing out now.  I’m going.  I just need to keep an open mind.  What if I can become an occupational therapist without it?  Or actually do the work.  I know some of the argument is, “Well, you’ll make more money.”  Meh.  I could make more money selling cars.  I PROMISE you.  I’d rather do something I like doing and that’s important to me.  If I can do that AND make good cheddar (oh ho tough guy slang), then great.

As far as the rest of my list, no hablo Español yet, but I’m getting there.  The progressive stuff (most of the list) is going nicely.  Museums, bars, restaurants, fencing (yep, taking my first lesson this month), I’m blogging again and I’m getting my lists together.  Tomorrow’s blog will be all about that.  😉  I hope a lot of people read that one.




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