Eat well tonight, gentleman, because tomorrow, WE DINE IN SCHOOL.

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Tomorrow starts my first day back to the illustrious halls of the scholar.  Otherwise known as LaGuardia Community College.  Also, known as “Little Flower” (apparently, that’s what LaGuardia means in Italian).  I’m excited and a bit nervous, but I’m still looking forward to it.  A part of me wishes I had started with more classes, but hindsight etc etc.  My weekly piece for Massive Hysteria has also helped me realize, I could use some brushing up on the old brainbox.  That’s why I’m glad I’m starting out with an English class.  I don’t have anyone really EDITING my blog, so I can say stuffs that says things to me that might make sense to me but not to everyone of the people who is reading this blog here that I write in the blog.  ENGLISH!  I also am interested to see what the younguns are up to these days.  That’s one thing that I recently heard the difference between LA and NY is; the people watching.  In LA, you get in your car, go to where you need to go, don’t talk or really see anyone, turn around and come home.  In New York, you really get a lot of good people watching on the street, subways and in large public places.  You get to see what people are wearing, reading, talking about and just being.  In school, I expect to get an even bigger slice of that.  We’ll see.  The way things are going, I might be in a class with mostly people of my age or older, trying to also go back to school (it could happen).  See you guys on the flip side!


And to think I could've been a painter.

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