Do Freebird!!!

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’m not considered a big music geek and rarely get chuffed about music in general, but this project seems really cool.  It’s put out by The Onion AV Club and is called AV Undercover.  It’s all recently popular bands doing covers on voted upon songs.  Check out last year’s titles and see what they’re doing this year.  DANZIG?!?!  WOO!

It's more like a Love Derringer.

  1. dani monster says:

    I have a friend that did a project similar to this. He covered a song a day for an entire year between his 39th and 40th birthday. He used the ‘random’ on his ipod and sometimes took requests. His 40th is at the end of this week and the project was a success. He would always post the original track and then his version with a blurb about the album/experience. Friends got into the act too. Pretty cool.



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