Maybe I need some of that Kinko Bonobo stuff, eh?

Posted: March 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’m starting to get visitors in NYC and with my bad memory coupled with my bad sense of direction (I mean, really, ridiculously bad), I’m a bad tour guide.  I always end up remembering well after people leave the places that I really love and are unique to New York and Brooklyn.  So as a handy dandy reference, I’m going to make a list of some of the places that if you come and visit me, if any of them sound interesting, YOU HAVE TO TELL ME.  I’ll forget.  It’s not because I don’t like you (although that may be possible), it’s just hard to hold all of that in my head and still be able to tell you all the different forms of kryptonite and their effects on Kryptonians.  Priorities, man.

Barcade – A full bar stocked to the brim of classic, stand up arcade games all for a quarter.  They have Smash TV, Gauntlet, Rampage, Joust, Ghosts N Goblins and the Professor and Maryann.  On Union off of Ainslie.

Angel’s Share – This is one of El Hybrid’s additions to my repertoire.  Set behind a sushi bar hidden by a non-descript wooden door that looks out of place in the neon and loud J-Pop, this is a true old school speakeasy.  The staff are all very professional and the drinks are phenomenal.   This is on 8 Stuyvesant Street in the city.

Tabaré – This a place on South 1st street in Brooklyn that The Roomsketeers and I recently discovered (as in today).  VERY cheap, but VERY good.  The cuisine is Uruguayan and very hearty and bigger portions than I expected.  Also, the strange location compels me to take people to support it, because I’m afraid it will go away.

Alligator/Crocodile Lounge – I doubt I’d forget this, but it never hurts to remind myself.  It’s pretty simple, free woodfired pizza with every drink.  EVERY drink.  No one I’ve taken here has been disappointed.

Fuego 718 – Right at 249 Grand Street, this is now my favorite art/curio store.  Full of very Latino/Caribbean themed art, but there are even some German pieces of pop art.  I can’t imagine anyone I know not liking at least some of what the very talkative and charming owner has out.  Lots of Day of the Dead and Voodoo and Santeria themed items and just chock full of pop culture knick knacks.  Great stop off.

Haab – Same deal with Tabaré, I love this place, but am terrified that it will go bye bye because of the location.  Right around the corner from me on Leonard and Grand, this is the closest to LA Mexican I’ve had while here.  Very authentic and great portions.  $2.50 for a pineapple marinated pork taco?  Hell yeah.

Loreley/Radegast –  Both in Williamsburg, both awesome.  Both Biergartens with a good beer list and Loreley makes up for Radegast’s better sausages with cool, geeky bartenders who will discuss comic book movies with you very seriously.  If you’re into that sort of thing.   Loreley  – 64 Frost Street in Williamsburg, Radegast is at 113 North 3rd Street in Williamsburg.

Desnuda – Bitchin’ Pan-South American (?) cevicheria and bar.  They blowtorch some fish and then caramelize some sweet potato slices on a tablet in front of you.  ’nuff said.   122 East 7th Street in the east village.

Dirt Candy – K-town used to work here and still does on occasion.  I’ve eaten their food so often and never sat down and eaten.  I really need to do that.  Vegetable restaurant that makes vegetables as fun as they can.  Seriously, Red Pepper Cake and Sweetpea Mint ice cream cake?


Brooklyn Art Walk – This is all over Williamsburg and Bushwyck every second Friday.  It’s just a bunch of little galleries presenting new stuff and some of it really has blown me away.  The decommissioned subway photo piece was awesome.

Artists N Fleas – This is a great art based flea market over on 70 N. 7th Street between Wythe and Kent.  Lots of jewelry and clothes and some really cool doodads and knickknacks.  They also usually have baked goods and if BullfrogEATS is there, even better (Irish Carbomb Twinkies, WHAT?).

Champs – Vegan bakery right on Leonard and Ainslie, that doesn’t taste like a vegan bakery.  Awesome muffins and even better cookies.

The Strand – Awesomely big book store, near Union Square.  Typically, if you’re looking for something hard to find, they either have it or can tell you where to get it.  Great basement full of old texts, too.

Smac – Yep, just a macaroni and cheese place.  This place is for macaroni and cheese what I am for…punching faces.

Fatty Cue – BARBECUE.  JUST DAMN GOOD BARBECUE.  91 South 6th Street in Brooklyn.

1534 – This is my friend, Justin’s, bar at 20 Prince in the Village.  A combination of the French explorers and modern music make this a great beginning or end to a night of carousing.  High end drinks and great bartending staff.

Pommes Frites – Another El Hybrid contribution, this is basically a fry shop.  Nothin’ but fries.  DAMN GOOD FRIES.  And it’s all about the sauce.  123 Second Avenue, in the city.

Traif – Literally meaning “non-kosher”, this is a place at 229 South 4th Street in Brooklyn is chock full of shellfish and bacon.  Great chicken and even better BACON DOUGHNUTS.

Chip Shop – Right in the heart of Park Slope, this is a deep fried slice of Londontown. Fish and Chips and deep fried pizza with a helping of deep fried Oreos and peanut butter cups.  AGGGHHH.  383 5th Avenue in Brooklyn.

Peter Pan’s donuts – Tina Fey said, “If I had a dick, I’d fuck this donut.”  Yep, that about does it.  727 Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint.

I’m sure I’ll pop up with more ideas later, but this is a good reference for me and anyone who visits here, in case I ever get taken back to the home planet.

No, YOU fuggedaboutit.

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