Serendipity? Probably not.

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

I had an odd occurrence happen on my walk home today.  Nothing monumental, but noteworthy.  I exited the Lorimer stop, as I usually do, with my headphones blasting some drummy industrial band of some sort and I headed home.  I navigated around the people walking slower and as I passed one girl, I caught her staring at me.  I slowed a bit.  I thought, “Hmm, very attractive.”  I saw her looking intently at me and then she mouthed something.  *EARBUD POP* “Did you say something?“…” “Um…” “Do I know you?” “Ummmmm…” Now that you mention it, she does look pretty familiar.  Very cute.  Or am I just fooling myself and her suggestion makes me think I know her.  Crap.  Me – “You do look rather familiar.” “Do you go to Second Stop a lot?” “I do, but not a lot.” “Um…you ever been to Kansas City?” “No.  Wait, which one?  Nevermind, neither Dumb question anyway.” “Yeah.” “Have you ever been to LA?“No, but my brother, Nick, is there.” “Is he in acting or improv?” “No, he’s a film director.” “Crap, I do feel like I know you.” The more I talk to her, the more familiar she becomes.  Very strange. “Have you been in any movies?” Should I mention the Kirk Cameron movie I was in when I was 13? Probably not.  “Um, no.” “Oh, I thought maybe you were in something with me.  You look SO familiar. What’s your name?” “Allen Norvick. *extends hand*” “I’m *NAME OMITTED TO PROTECT POSSIBLE STALKER*” “Nice to meet you.” Just then we run into Coryboo on the street.  “Oh, this is my roommate, hi! This is my new friend, Hagatha (not her real name).” “Oh, hi!” “We know each other, but no idea how.” Cory – “Maybe some drunken night…” “Nooo, I don’t think so.” “Me, neither.” “Well, okay, um, nice to meet you.” “Probably see you around. I bet.” *stumble oddly home in a weird metaphysical daze*


No, I didn’t get her number.  I felt that would be…a mistake for some reason.

I think that skywriter is drunk.

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