Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Posted: April 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Coryboo had sent me a link on craigslist a few weeks ago for someone looking for storytellers in Brooklyn. I MIGHT KNOW SOMEONE. Last night, I told the Miss Piggy story at The Bodega Bar in Bushwick. I loved the location and the crowd was great. A bit younger than I am, but not really surprising. Bushwick seems to be up and coming and might be the next Williamsburg. The other tellers were a good mix of short stories, poetry and real life observation (me). The food was good, the beer and wine lists were more eclectic than I expected and it took me 20 minutes to walk there. Only one bad spot for me. I didn’t practice like I should’ve. I figured, “I know this story, I’ll just bang it out, since it’s the first night.” Not so much. I haven’t told it in about a year. :/ I dragged it out since we had longer, because one teller didn’t show and it was very apparent I was stretching. Overall, I hope I get asked back, but next time, maybe I’ll put more effort and be a little less arrogant about my MASTERFUL STORYTELLING SKILLS.

And then the dragon ate them.


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