Gaga Doo Doo.

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

This blog post by Weird Al made me actually pretty sad.  Weird Al has continued to be an important parodist and just an all around great guy.  For him to be jerked around like this is not only pretty ridiculous, it’s so insulting.  I understand how big of a star Lady Gaga is, but Weird Al not only predates her, he will very likely outlast her.   I can’t see how she comes off in that story as NOT having her head up her own ass.   Just wanted to share.

Look at that bright, young lad.

UPDATE : Okay, now this just came out on TMZ – Lady Gaga: “I did NOT ban him from parodying my song!”  Interesting.  Is this just a cover up because of all the immediate web backlash or is her manager the douche?


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