A blog for all seasons.

Posted: July 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

I had mentioned in an earlier blog that this year I was going to make an effort to blog more often (I said at least twice a week, OH HO, maybe not).  It seems in the summer, I get a bit of the summertime blues.  No idea why this happens, I’ve just never really been a sun worshiper, but in the winter, I feel ENERGIZED.  I seem to want to do more and feel more productive.  It’s a bit strange.  I really noticed it today, when I got up early and as the sun started coming up, I actually started to feel MORE tired.  I was fine right after I got up (and I actually didn’t sleep as much as I would’ve liked), but the sun seemed to drain some of my energy.  Granted, it’s pretty warm out (got to 92 today, :O) , but the heat doesn’t seem to bug me too much.  Maybe I really am a goth at heart.




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