Chatbots: Turbosluts in Disguise

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

[13:24] spoiledbratt014: heya.
[13:24] sp8cghoost: howdy
[13:24] spoiledbratt014: Hey what’s up? 23/F here. u?
[13:24] sp8cghoost: 37/transsexual
[13:24] spoiledbratt014: Hmm. Have we chattted before?
[13:24] sp8cghoost: Nope
[13:25] spoiledbratt014: Oh sorrrry. l waasnt sure. Butt anywayyyssss.. What r u up to?
[13:25] sp8cghoost: Not much
[13:25] spoiledbratt014: Oooo. lm Iike sooooo bored. 
[13:25] spoiledbratt014: Hey l got a idea.. lma get on my web-cam. Do u wanna watcch?
[13:25] sp8cghoost: Oh, that’s too bad, I’m chicken broccol
[13:25] sp8cghoost: fajita barbecue Nixon
[13:25] spoiledbratt014: Yeah? Ok u do have to siggnup for freee cause its settup thru this site so that l cant be recorrded. Ok?
[13:26] sp8cghoost: Sword robot picklebutt
[13:26] spoiledbratt014: A bot? not hardly babe. Are you?
[13:26] sp8cghoost: Oh so you picked up on that I said robot
[13:26] sp8cghoost: Clever
[13:26] sp8cghoost: Yes I am a bot
[13:26] spoiledbratt014: Im not a freaking bot
[13:27] sp8cghoost: I didn’t say you were
[13:27] spoiledbratt014: K babbe. lt’s super simplIe 
[13:27] sp8cghoost: But thanks for proving that you are
[13:27] sp8cghoost: good bye

Now, if she looked like this, I'd be into it.

  1. 37 says:

    I snorted. 🙂


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