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[11:42] aileywarfielduknkem: You finally came online lol I was waiting for u ;-) how are u babe?
[11:43] sp8cghoost: Oh man so good, I just took the biggest dump
[11:43] Lynnette Tam: :-) heya
[11:43] sp8cghoost: oh hey have you ever eaten a badger live
[11:44] Lynnette Tam: hey whats up sweetie?
[11:44] sp8cghoost: I did once and he bit my face up
[11:44] sp8cghoost: Then I shat myself
[11:44] sp8cghoost: Why won’t you answer me about badgers?!??!?!
[11:44] sp8cghoost: I SWEAR
[11:44] sp8cghoost: Don’t you want to bond with me 
[11:45] sp8cghoost: It’s like you’re not even paying attention to me!
[11:45] Lynnette Tam: whats up, I found your username on a AOL member directory of social sites..not sure which one cause it bundles them all together lol
[11:49] sp8cghoost: Oh I know, it’s like we’re in 1984, right
[11:49] sp8cghoost: AM I RITE
[11:49] sp8cghoost: But back to the badgers
[11:49] sp8cghoost: Stop changing the subject
[11:50] Lynnette Tam: im not desperate hehe i just enjoy talking to ppl online :) especially via webcam
[11:50] sp8cghoost: Oh my god, is this like The Ring
[11:50] sp8cghoost: Are you going to turn on your webcam and then crawl out and turn me into a morlock
[11:50] sp8cghoost: BEGONE WITCH WOMAN!
[11:51] Lynnette Tam: umm.. I have a camera on my computer i can turn it on if u want me to?
[11:51] Lynnette Tam: are you signed up to any dating sites? i met a lot of cool people on adult friend finder, and only weirdos on fling lol
[11:53] sp8cghoost: Oh I know I was on fling, I used to dress like Gandalf and tell girls to roleplay with me
[11:53] Lynnette Tam: ya well, i am bored at home…and this usually leads to bad things ;) anytime i take a break from school work i jump online
[11:53] sp8cghoost: They’d get all mad when I’d barf on the screen and then say, “SHOW! ME! YOUR! ASS!!!!!”
[11:53] sp8cghoost: Oh, are you in kindergarten? That’s hot
[11:54] Lynnette Tam: hey whats up sweetie?
[11:54] sp8cghoost: OH NO, YOU HAVE RETROGRADE AMNESIA!!!!
[11:54] Lynnette Tam: well…i am a true “autagonistophiliac” which means I have a fetish for being on camera ;) you can google it if you dont believe me! lol
[11:55] sp8cghoost: I did and it came up with a picture of a guy with a pickle in his butt
[11:55] Lynnette Tam: have you ever used CamCrush? its a site that allows us to chat, and even go live like skype
[11:56] sp8cghoost: Have you ever farted in your own mouth?
[11:56] Lynnette Tam: they give you a unique page, I can give u my link if u want ;-)
[11:58] sp8cghoost: I can give you my leftover snot if you want
[11:59] Lynnette Tam: http://www.plaboyy.com go there and my video will load, just click the “Accept Invite” button on the bottom left before it expires, and it’ll connect us..if you’re camera shy you dont have to show yourself, I’M the one with the fetish remember LOL
[11:59] sp8cghoost: OH I KNOW YOU’RE SUCH A CARD
[12:00] sp8cghoost: Bye bye to you little bot good luck roping 13 year old boys
[12:00] Lynnette Tam: im always either on the phone or online, im a chat addict lol…i dont normally give my number out but if you meet me in the chat and I get comfortable with you we can talk on the phone
[12:00] Lynnette Tam: Well if you must leave… tell ya what if ya want to chat later message me here or just make your free profile here http://www.realcamflirt.com (accept the invite before it expires ! and write me at Jenny69 ;)
[12:00] sp8cghoost: SAYONARA SUCKAH!
[12:01] Lynnette Tam: my number is 206-222-1648…my phone is dead, so give it a few minutes to charge, and please dont go give that out! lol…come talk to me over on the chat site
[12:01] sp8cghoost: I bet this is to the Cayman Islands.
[12:01] sp8cghoost: I keep leaving, but you’re so engaging
[12:01] sp8cghoost: Okay, that’s it
[12:01] sp8cghoost: really going now
[12:02] Lynnette Tam: its free, they ask for info for age verification…but I know you’re not a kid and im sure i’ll keep you entertained though ;)
[12:02] sp8cghoost: DAMN YOU!
[12:02] sp8cghoost: I actually am only 9 years old
[12:02] sp8cghoost: ENJOY JAIL PEDO!


I bet this is what she looked like. DAMN IT!







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