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I figure it’s time to fire this thing up again, with the change of the season…

Okay, that’s inaccurate.  We didn’t even HAVE a Winter.  It was more like a late, extended Fall.  And don’t get me wrong, I like Fall, but I LOVE Winter.  NO SNOW.  NO SNOW, MAN!!!!  >:C  (that is a mad face, not a frowning trout)  And now that it’s Spring, we don’t even get that.  It’s been 40 and 50 degrees MOST days.  It just NOW looks like it’s going to warm up for May.  Maybe.  At least it’s not humid.   AT THE VERY LEAST.  So, I had a relationship, that didn’t work out, I moved to Astoria for a little while, then moved to Astoria.  Wait, let me clarify.  I subleased in Astoria and am now living semi-permanently in Astoria.  That’s better.  I guess I kind of glossed over the relationship part there.  Without getting into my ex’s personal business TOO much, let’s just say it was a bit of a rerun.  What I am initially attracted to is not always what I end up really wanting.  Much like a lot of people.  You can make the argument that everyone is damaged, but in this case, our particular damage just didn’t fit.  It’s a bit discouraging, but not too much.  There are people who I’ve fit with before, just not perfectly.  So it goes.

Now, it’s a time for transition.  I’m about to change job locations and going from a 3 hour commute a day to a 10 minute commute a day. Seriously.  I’m getting close to getting into the OT program and trying to decide where to go from here.  Originally, I was going to go for an Occupational Therapy Assistant position, but that was kind of a cop-out.  I think I was telling myself I was too old to go for my Master’s and I’d be 80 by the time I found a job, blah blah blah…now it’s seeming like more of a reality to me.  It’s definitely not about the money.  If it was, I would’ve gone into car sales.  HELL NO.  Or at the very least, into nerf herding.  So that’s cool.   Right now, I’m studying to get licensed in NY for the insurance agent test.  It’s not as awesome as it sounds.  And it really doesn’t sound that awesome.  Just to try to maintain my sanity, I needed to look up a video that was directed by and stars Mr. Bill Paxton of Weird Science and Aliens fame (don’t even try to bring up Twister). Enjoy.

  1. IDK. I deal with IAs all day and they aren’t all that fun to work with. Good luck.


  2. yourboogieman says:

    That part’s not for fun. That’s to EAT.


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