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So, if you recall, I had an incident with Dollar Shave Club regarding a broken razor awhile back.  IT HAPPENED AGAIN.  Now, I’m not one to cut and run (get it), but twice in a year.  I decided to give them ONE MORE CHANCE.  So I wrote them again.  ZAPPO!

Mr Dear Friends At Dollar Shave Club,

I write to you with a heavy heart and a hairy face.  A few months back, I had the misfortune to be the victim of a broken handle from your Illustrious 4X line (I assume the first three X lines were unsuccessful).  I beseeched you to grace me with another handle with a quickness.  I WAS REWARDED SO!  My handle arrived and clean skin was to be had.  Many were the woman to fall victim to my smooth, adonisesque visage, thanks to the powers of the FULLY OPERATIONAL EXECUTIVE RAZOR that I upgraded to.  UNTIL NOW. My Executive Razor handle, which I have named “The Executive Razor Handle” has once again, fallen victim to the Shaving Gremlin. You hold a special place in my heart, Dollar Shave Club, but this is such a total bummer, dude.  I ask you to please correct this situation, as I have been reduced to the galavanting around with a motley crew of facial apparatuses.  I have included pictures of my folly, which features myself and my roommate, who might have mistaken you for a modeling agency.  Please disregard her butt.  Note my attempt to move forward without The Executive Razor Handle and then my shameful use of some blue piece of crap.
I also think that with my experience as a long time shaver, granted only of my own face (and on occasions, certain parts of my body BY REQUEST ONLY), I would make an excellent Shavemaster General.  The title does not seem to be filled in your establishment and this might be why these mishaps are occurring.  Please accept my application in the form of this emoticon Elvis @:s
I got an IMMEDIATE reply.  Here is that reply.
Jordan, Oct 19 11:57 am (PDT):Hey Allen,

So sorry about that! We’ll get a replacement out to you immediately. Should reach you within a few days.

We are always looking for ways to improve our design. Would you mind sending us a picture of the broken handle for our records? That would help us out a ton. Thanks in advance.

I appreciate your continued support of DSC. Thanks for the awesome email response. You are hands down one of our most creative members.

Happy Shaving!


DON’T LET ME DOWN AGAIN, DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB!!!!  (I guess they already have a Shavemaster General)


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