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For anyone who wasn’t aware, I was involved in the Extra Life fundraiser for Children’s Hospitals this last weekend.  This involved staying up for 24 hours and doing nothing but play video games and people sponsored me to do this.  To encourage people to donate, I offered up two rewards, in a Kickstarteresque way.  If you donated, you’d get to pick a game for me to play for an hour (at least), which not as many people took advantage as I’d expected).  The other prize, was if you shared my fundraising page on your Facebook page, you’d get to request a drink for me to chug at one of the two hour marks.  To prove I was staying awake and also to record my slow downward spiral into liquid death, I took video every two hours with an update of my progress and my chugging.  The videos seemed to be somewhat popular, so here they are in chronological order, from Pre-Game to Closing Ceremonies.  Also, for those interested, here are the games I played –

Guild Wars 2


World of Warcraft

Burrito Bison

Sims 3

Fallout: New Vegas

Knightmare Tower

Plague Inc (on my tablet for when I was in the can)

Words with Friends and Scramble With Friends (ditto on the last one)

Lego Batman

Katamari Damacy

Planescape: Torment

The Walking Dead: Episode 4

Desert Bus (just kidding)

Next year, the goal is to up the ante for my goal, but also up my rewards.  I’ll probably still do the chugging thing, but I’ll also probably include costume changes, requests to sing video game theme songs, shout outs for people’s kids and even big money rewards, like Kickstarter (like $100 gets me to do a special challenge like take a game to a restaurant and continue playing throughout the whole meal ).  I’m also recruiting now for Team Boogie.  If you want to join Team Boogie for next year, email, message, text, whatever, let me know.  BUT BE WARNED.  This means you are ALSO liable for the rewards and challenges.  If I gotta chug, you gotta chug.  🙂  We’re going for $2000 next year, so it’s gotta be interesting.  Here are the videos, guys.

That’s all, Folks!

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