Why We Really Need to Stop Hating on Hipsters.

Posted: February 9, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I just watched this video a bit ago.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  It’s actually funny and hits some nice spots.  What it did in my brain was rehash a subject I’ve thought about a couple times:  Hipster Hate.  I’m as guilty as the next human being of bashing Hipsters riding past on a vintage bicycle wearing a plaid scarf and sporting a moustachio of epic proportions on their way to the Farmers Market to get ingredients to make their own tampons.  See, I just did it there.   You know what that just sounded like?  An old person.   I’m not saying everyone who bashes hipsters for drinking only PBR for its taste and insisting that if a song is the most popular one from a band, it obviously can’t be your favorite because so many other people like it (I love this argument) is an old person.  But you sure sound like one.  See, I did it again.  It’s hard not to.  This is why it just needs to stop.

Yes, yes, sometimes during a generation, a certain subset of people are interested in specific things that might seem more interesting to them because it makes them feel a bit unique or special, thereby making them less special because they heard about it from other people who felt it made them feel more unique or special.  This has been going on as far back as Grok decided he’d wear his fur a bit lower than his other friends because that’s the way he saw one dude in another cave do it who didn’t follow the herd EITHER and so his girlfriend, Unga, decided to follow suit and so on and so on.  On the scale of culture, hipsters are on par with Beatniks, Mods, Punks, Ravers, Rude Boys, Hippies, Emo Kids, Goths, Swing Kids and even Trekkies.   Most of which, after a certain amount of time, gain nostalgic levels of cool with the general populace (remember hippy spirit day in high school? PEACE MAN).

I have two points I just want to make.  Point Uno: it’s too easy.  Making fun of someone for trying to be unique or for actually being unique is the bastion of every schoolyard bully that has ever stalked the playgrounds of the world.  I’m not saying everyone who rolls their eyes and says, “Fucking Hipsters,” is a bully.  But I am saying you’re emulating one.  If Hipsters prevent you from getting a Whole Foods in your neighborhood because they’re afraid of gentrification, sure, raise a stink.  But if you’re filled with rage because someone is going on about how they like a band you’ve never heard of and it makes you so mad, then that brings me to point number two.  You’re really just hating.  Hipsters think they’re SO cool.  Guess what?  They kind of are.  At least using the definition of “hip and with it.”  In their subculture, they are cool.  And who cares?  So Hipsters might pay more attention to what’s new and interesting and that actually might be more important to them.  Does this hurt you?  Doubt it.  Can you feel superior about it?  Sure, go ahead.  It just removes all your credibility when you complain about how they seem pretentious and act superior to YOU.

I don’t think I’m touching on any new ground here.   We’ve seen the general populace tell punks to cut their hair right, hippies to cut their hair right and mods to stop cutting their hair so right.  Just remember the next time you sneer at some kid walking by wearing a scarf in the middle of summer holding a pug and sporting an Arcade Fire ring or something, you’re wasting your hate.  It’s useless.  Go hate some Neo-nazis or something and just leave the Hipsters alone.



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