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On tonight’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., something that is becoming quickly apparent is a dividing line between two camps of opinion among the group: pro-alien and anti-alien.  Some of the comments made about destroying anything even remotely related to aliens were almost a little TOO forceful and the other side of the spectrum has characters obsessed with finding out answers to the point of disastrous and fatal results.  The aliens in question look to be the Kree: the race Ronan of GotG hails from and a major player in Marvel’s cosmic lines.  There has also been a lot of speculation that Star-Lord’s dad is going to be Kree.  What does this mean?  If the Kree come to Earth, they bring along with them a slew of technology that could change the game for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  They also bring a lot of problems. The comic book version of The Kree are known for modifying regular ol’ humans to create the Inhumans, for conquering other alien races and for being kind of been a pain in the ass for Earth in general.  Even more importantly, the Kree are from where the upcoming and highly anticipated super hero, Captain Marvel, gets her mojo . On one hand, we have Tony Stark, who is all about acquiring any new technology he can get his grubby, gin-soaked hands on and on the other star spangled hand, we have Captain America, who would be all about protecting the Earth from a possible invasion of, you know, Space Nazis.  GO FIGURE.  Considering the way that Marvel has used Agents of SHIELD (I just can’t pop those periods in every time, man), as a kind of bridge to the Marvel storylines (see HYDRA), this would make perfect sense.  Of course, there might be a much simpler explanation.

Oooooh, girl, no you didn't.

Oooooh, girl, no you didn’t.